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Swan Lake

A Black Swan is defined as an event no one saw coming, and many described the events of 2008 and 2009 as a Black Swans. But they were not Black Swans, they were White Swans, for quite a few people saw where the criminal gang running Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taking us. Saw what was happening and brought it forcefully to the attention of Congress, where guys like Barney Frank and the rest of the Democrats brushed off the evidence and proclaimed all was well, that giving mortgages to people with no reasonable expectation of paying them was a reasonable thing to do, and for the Democrats it was a reasonable thing to do, for the people getting those mortgages were an integral part of the Democratic base, and could be relied upon to vote Democrat so long as they were fed other peoples’ money in a never ending stream.  Now if the black swans and the white swans could get together, maybe we’d have a chance of getting out of this mess. But don’t hold your breath.



Prince Barack, with some handsome friends

In Bretton Woods go hunting

When magically the woodlot ends

To show a lake not wanting

In beauty, filled with pure white swans

Once maidens, now bewitcheth

By Fannie Mae and other cons

Whose nostrums they did pitcheth

Good Prince Barack, now deep in love

With Odette, swan and comely

Cried in despair to gods above

Why is Odile so homely

Odette said that the spell were gone

If Barack loved her fiercely

And if he cried on White House lawn

With face all streaming tearsly

That debt and earmarks and the like

Were now and ever done with

And did he not she’d take a hike

He’d not have her for fun with

And so he did and all the swans

Were unbewitched and praised him

And swore that no more magic wands

Would harm the ones who raised him

With crisis passed the whole great gang

Of mankind cried Hosannas

And white and black the swans all sang

Yes, we have no bananas


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