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Come This Blessed Election Day

November is shaping up to be a wave election, where the Obama administration will be repudiated by just about everyone, including a great many who drank the hope and change Kool-aid and voted for him in 2008. Disillusioned independents and Democrats are abandoning the ship in torrents. Democrat politicians up for tough re-election are running away from the Obama carcass as fast as they can. There is a lot of buyer’s remorse going on, and fortunately for the country growing numbers of people are just not buying the hate America socialist agenda of their former hero. Even die-hard lefty partisans are cranky, but for other reasons. They’re cranky because in their view Obama isn’t liberal enough. You can hear them weep and wail, crying, “Where does hope go when it’s gone?”



Where does hope go when it’s gone

What is left when there’s no change

When will facts then finally dawn

On his fans that Obie’s strange

Lack of failure up to now

To enact his promises

Means that when he breaks a vow

There’re more doubting Thomases

What’s the difference between Bush

Who the liberals truly hate

And Obama’s Hindu Kush

Where’s the policy debate

Yes he’s done some things they crave

Like his stripping of defense

And his mighty union cave

And his acts ‘gainst common sense

Like his running up the debt

To a height not seen before

But they really do not get

Why he’s in that Afghan war

Oh he’s still the coolest guy

And the smartest one in town

But they’ll tell you on the sly

That he’s really let them down