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The world is changing, and with it the United States. Where once was stability and shared values, there now is bitter divide. Where once was rule of law, there now is judicial fiat. Where once we knew who we were, we now question who we are. Where once we were proud, we now are told we must be ashamed. The world has changed, and so have we. We are no longer who we were. It is an open question as to whether we will ever again be proud and confident. Or is this a passing phase, a moment of inattention, to be remedied by a future generation more sure of themselves and their place in the world.



Here there be tygers

The olde mappes once said

Then came the British

Who painted them red

All that is gone now

That world is no more

We’ve come to the place

Where there’s no welcome shore

The currents won’t take us

Where we want to go

The winds that once shapened

The world that we know

No longer blow fairly

But fitful and wild

We recognize barely

The world that we’ve styled

Can we recapture

That time and that way

I guess that’s the question

Before us today