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The Pied Piper

President Obama has vowed to press on with his dream of bankrupting the United States with trillions of dollars of debt to finance Obamacare, while at the same time destroying the economy with a massive tax on carbon, the very oil and gas that drives our way of life, a tax that will kill American business. All this while winking and nodding at Iran’s insatiable thirst for nuclear weapons to kill us all. We have three more years of the Pied Piper, and I only hope we survive his campaign of hope and change.



Obama’s people with false tears

All carp and gripe and grumble

About the long gone past eight years

As markets and jobs crumble

We get to hear of tingled legs

And Olbermann’s warped rants

While the Pied Piper himself begs

For us to join the dance

The Piper leads his children on

A mammoth spending spree

Over the cliff and we are gone

The country history

But maybe we can change the course

Not toward the cliffs he beckoned

If we can ride another horse

After November 2nd



Crying Time

Chris Matthews at MSNBC sobs that Scott Brown has won the Senate seat in Massachusetts. Don’t know if he still feels a tingle up his leg whenever he thinks of Obama. Don’t know if the rest of the liberal media are as down as Chris, but they probably are. All their work to cover for the crimes of the Democrats, the stealing of elections by Acorn in Washington state and Minnesota, the attempted destruction of the best health care system on Earth, the attempted destruction of the American economy by carbon taxes and trillion dollar stimuli to the unions and other friends, in spite of their best efforts, the MSM has failed to keep the American people from seeing the truth about the Obama/Alinsky agenda to turn the country into another failed Marxist state. No wonder they’re weeping at MSNBC. 



A wake at MSNBC

No Olbermann Keith gotchas

Instead wimp cries how can this be

Thank goodness no one watches

I wonder how the other guys

And gals who read the newses

React when Brown takes down the prize

In liberal Massachooses

Will MSM types bite their tongues

And rip and read with feeling

Or will they scream from out their lungs

That Acorn failed at stealing

I have the sense that something’s turned

Vox populi has wised up

And acted on what they have learned

Obama’s crew they’ve sized up

Scott Brown is now our Paul Revere

With pickup truck not horsey

We’ve turned the tide in this past year

Virginia and New Jorsey

And now to win the bluest state

The bluest of all fifty

Don’t know ‘bout you but I feel great

From 20s phrase, It’s nifty!