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The Great Pretender

Barack Obama is no longer the President of the United States. The other day he turned the job over to Bill Clinton, at a press conference called to explain the ins and outs of the compromise reached with the Republicans on the impending massive tax increases due on January 1, 2011, tax increases the Democrats dearly wish to inflict on anyone making a decent living. So now we have two former presidents, Clinton and Obama, but only one is and always has been a pretend president, and we all know who that is.



Oh yes, I’m the great pretender

Pretending that I’m doing well

My need is such

I pretend too much

I’m President, but no one can tell

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender

Adrift in a world of my own

I play the game

But to my great shame

I left you to stand there alone

Oh yes, I’m the great pretender

I fitted my head for a crown

Yes I seem to be

What I’m not you see

Yes I’m just another black clown



Will 2012 Be Too Late?

Paul Ryan, 40 year old five term Republican congressman from Wisconsin, has become the GOP leader on economic policy, a policy that attempts to stop the Democrat steamroller from driving the country into bankruptcy. Obama has already added over 2 trillion dollars to the national debt in just one year, and is projected to add over 10 trillion dollars more over the next few years. Paul Ryan says, “Within a few years a sale of government bonds will fail. The capital markets will go crazy, and the Fed and Treasury will run to Capitol Hill demanding a giant bailout. Adding Obamacare would make the crisis go deeper and arrive faster.” Well, we now have Obamacare, and the financial crisis will be much worse than anyone could have imagined. We need Paul Ryan, or someone like him, to drive a stake in the evil heart of Marxist socialism that is driving the country over the cliff. The problem is, 2012 may be too late, Obama may have succeeded before then in driving the country over the cliff, to smash in bloody fragments onto the rocks far below.



Paul Ryan is tryin’

To make sure it’s dyin’

And see that our Marxism’s dead

The party is over

We’re out of the clover

We’re all gonna work more instead

Entitlements finished

And welfare diminished

We’ll soon put the country on track

No longer will shirkers

Outnumber the workers

With Ryan our liberty’s back

Obama rejected

He could get elected

Both Marxist and Maoist he’d shelve

A man who is able

To clean out the stable

Paul Ryan in twenty oh twelve



Mein Fuhrer

Senator Blanche Lincoln, (D-AR), is in deep trouble at home due to her vote on Obamacare, and desperately wants to keep her job. And so she politely asked President Obama to move to the center to avoid a disaster for the Democrats in November. The president coldly told her no, that he was pressing ahead with his healthcare agenda, because if he didn’t there would be nothing to differentiate between his administration and those that had gone before. Senator Lincoln left the Oval Office a sadder but not much wiser woman.



Mein Fuhrer, poor Blanche Lincoln cried

I do not like to shout

But I can’t leave without I’ve tried

To make you turn about

Your policies are driving us

To ruin and defeat

You lefties are depriving us

Of any chance to beat

Opponents who will run on your

Large debts and broken promises

You’ve turned our solid base in four

Short months to doubting Thomases

Obama slowly paced the floor

Not looking at Ms Lincoln

Then silently he closed the door

And said, with cool eyes blinkin’

It matters not that others lose

That’s not what I’m about

And call me Fuhrer if you choose

But please use an umlaut



The Pied Piper

President Obama has vowed to press on with his dream of bankrupting the United States with trillions of dollars of debt to finance Obamacare, while at the same time destroying the economy with a massive tax on carbon, the very oil and gas that drives our way of life, a tax that will kill American business. All this while winking and nodding at Iran’s insatiable thirst for nuclear weapons to kill us all. We have three more years of the Pied Piper, and I only hope we survive his campaign of hope and change.



Obama’s people with false tears

All carp and gripe and grumble

About the long gone past eight years

As markets and jobs crumble

We get to hear of tingled legs

And Olbermann’s warped rants

While the Pied Piper himself begs

For us to join the dance

The Piper leads his children on

A mammoth spending spree

Over the cliff and we are gone

The country history

But maybe we can change the course

Not toward the cliffs he beckoned

If we can ride another horse

After November 2nd



The Wrong Man Got The Prize

My name was placed in nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, and we all know how that turned out. Barack Obama joined the illustrious crew of previous peace prize winners, like Yasser Arafat (for killing Israelis) and Al Gore (for attempting to kill the American economy through his global warming scam). Not that I begrudge the president of the United States another prize, even if he did nothing to earn it. Neither did I, of course, which is entirely the point. The Nobel Peace Prize committee gave me a very brief interview, patted my head and sent me on my way, shaking their heads at my naiveté in thinking I could win the prize without accomplishment.



I thought I’d win the Nobel prize

For harmony and peace

But failed in the committee’s eyes

And told that I must cease

My love for good old USA

And admiration for

The difficult and wondrous way

She keeps the world from war

By being the world’s nine one one

And giving money to

Just every land under the sun

No matter what they do

I said no other land on earth

Hath greater mercy shown

To people trodden down from birth

Nor greater freedom sown

Committee members laughed and sneered

Said I was so naïve

That patriots had disappeared

Without a by your leave

They said the world was different now

Surrender is the thing

And they would show us Yankees how

To bow ‘fore Saudi king

And tug the forelock in respect

For Islam’s better ways

They said and that’s why we expect

To see much better days

Now that The One will clean the slate

And lead us to the shore

Of serfdom and the dhimmi state

That’s what this prize is for



An Outgoing Tide

Rasmussen says 55% of Americans oppose President Obama’s health care plan, so Obama has given us a full day’s full court press on five Sunday talks shows; ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, CNN’s State of the Nation, and Univision’s Al Punto with Jorge Ramos. Notably absent from the list is Fox News Sunday, which the White House excluded because they say the people who watch Fox News are racist bigots, and Al Jazeera because the people who watch Al Jazeera are with them anyway. Why the full court press? Why the urgency? Because Obama knows the tide is running out, both on his socialist healthcare plan and on his presidency as more and more people come to see what he is, and they don’t like what they see. In any event, there will be vast numbers who don’t tune in because they’ve heard it all several hundred times, and hearing it one more time will not change the smell of rotten fish. Of course, there may be those who watch because they think the show is about something else.



A man I know sat glued to set

He missed his Sunday dinner

When asked he said he liked to get

On the side of the winner

He said he was a football fan

And never missed a season

He cared not if they threw or ran

‘Twas winning that was pleasin’

He said he loved his favorite team

His favorite color crimson

He said that winning made him beam

But losing, it was grim son

So that was why he sat all day

A-thinking Alabama

And found that he’d mis-heard them say

It was all day all Obama



The Day After

There was no post yesterday remembering the events of September 11, 2001, because obviously nothing happened on that day. The Democrats are now in power, and they and a Democratic president are pleased that whatever it was that was supposed by some to have happened on that day is now no longer cluttering up the official memory banks. We can all relax. Nothing to see here, move along. There are no Muslim fanatics trying to kill us. How could there be? They are, after all, disciples of the religion of peace. Let’s all go back to sleep, for we have more important things to do than worry about some peaceful young men in far away lands. Things like turning the United States into Mexico or Argentina. Things like destroying the finest healthcare system in the world in order to grow the power of the Left. No, nothing happened on September 11, 2001, for if there had been it surely would have been remarked upon.



El President, the smooth man said

I have the proclamation

The one in which the honored dead

Again remind the nation

Of that sad, sad September day 

Of Muslims’ fierce attack

And how we all joined hands to pray

That they would not be back

 Dear Rahm I know not what you mean

El Presidente sighed

For nothing happened at that scene

And no one really died

‘Twas all a ploy by that mad Bush

To get the people cowed

And bomb the folks of Hindu Kush

To make himself feel proud

But I will never fall for such

A dismal, dirty lie

And I have always said as much

And will till day I die

Now back to work we’ve things to do

The country’s in our hands

We’ve time to turn into Peru

Just like those other lands

Our mission’s clear dear brother Rahm

Tomorrow is the twelfth

Iran is closing on the bomb

And we must drink their health

Ah no dear Rahm, I make no speech

To honor our war dead

For doesn’t Holy Koran teach

That some things be unsaid?



Don’t Let’s Be Beastly

A war-time English music hall favorite by Noel Coward was a little ditty called Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Germans. The United States now has a president and his hand-picked attorney general who like to sing Don’t Let’s Be Beastly To The Vermins. Eric Holder, the radical leftist Attorney General of the United States, was instrumental in the pardoning and freeing of 16 convicted killers belonging to the Puerto Rican Marxist terrorist group FALN in 1999 by the outgoing Clinton administration, a political move designed to gain Puerto Rican votes for Hillary Clinton’s Senate race. No matter that the FALN carried out over 120 bombing attacks on US soil between 1974 and 1983, murdering dozens of innocent people. Politics is politics, especially as practiced by Democrats. And now Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, is up to his old tricks, helping his friends the terrorists again by releasing terrorists from Guantanamo and appointing a Special Prosecutor to harass and put in jail if at all possible the CIA guys who dared to question captured Al Qaeda big-wigs, who dared to protect Eric Holder’s real enemy, the United States.



Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans

The cheery words rang through the music hall

As now don’t let’s be beastly to the vermins

Now seems to be the new Obama call

O says we’re not the nation we believe in

He says we cannot be the ones we seek

He says we can’t be lyin’ and deceivin’

He says we’ve got to turn the other cheek

He says that Allah preaches peace and virtue

And peace and virtue’s all we ever need

He says us Muslims clearly will not hurt you

Unless you dare oppose our word and deed

We’re letting people go out of compassion

We’re clamping down on CIA misdeeds

We won last year and we’re the ones in fashion

So throw the Constitution in the weeds

We promised hope and change and you guys bought it

We didn’t tell we hoped to change it all

I hoped to get it done before you caught it

I hoped by robbing Peter to pay Paul

That I could move the folks in my direction

A movement built completely around me

So we could do away with the election

And I could reign till 2053



Hopey Changer

Never let a crisis go to waste, even if you have to manufacture the crisis yourself. If your aim is to destroy an entire country and culture, best to do it while the iron is hot. And best to do it while the mainstream media is on your side, telling people what you want them to hear, what you want them to think. You are the Messiah, the Chosen One, the bringer of Light, and Hope and Change, the creator of a new age of perfection and enlightenment, a brilliant post-partisan, post-racial age, where the wolf and the sheep shall lie down together. And you, oh golden one, are the wolf. 



All hail the One, the Hope and Changer

Bestow upon him laurel wreaths

Accord to Him birth in a manger

Blessed be the air He breathes

Purple hemmed the robe He’s wearing

Golden sandals tread the floor

Ruby rings of worth past caring

Smiling smiles we all adore

Happy is the land He rules o’er

Happy are his subjects too

Happy teachers run His schools for

Happy children who on cue

Clap and sing we love each other

Clap and sing we love Barack

Clap and sing we love Big Brother

Never get our country back

Hail the One, the Hope and Changer

Bestow upon Him laurel wreaths

Clap and sing for there’s no danger

Blessed be the air He breathes



Brother Can You Spare A Dime

Bloomberg reports that the Department of Commerce now believes the first 12 months of the recession was twice as bad as previously thought. Are we heading deeper into recession? Does the staggering debt load the Obama administration has strapped to the already overburdened backs of the American taxpayer portend even worse economic news? Are we heading for a 1930s rerun? Does anyone remember what that was like? Listen to Bing Crosby, 1931. Brother Can You Spare A Dime. Lyrics by Yip Harburg, music by Jay Gorney. With apologies to Messers Harburg and Gorney, I have added additional lyrics to fit the times.



They used to tell me he was building a dream

And so I followed the mob

I thought that I was really part of a team

And so we gave him the job

Once I built a factory and I made it run

We made cars all the time

Now he’s given it to the union and they’re having fun

Brother can you spare a dime


On the campaign, gee we looked swell

Full of that Yankee Doodly Dum

Marching with Acorn, giving them hell

And I was the kid with the drum


Say don’t  you remember, we called him Barack

It was Barack, Barack all the time

Say don’t you remember, Barack was our pal

Brother can you spare a dime