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If It’s Loyalty You Want, Buy A Dog

There is an old saying in Washington DC that if you want loyalty, buy a dog. With everyone turning against Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, he took that advice. But what did the dog think about it?



I liked it at the puppy farm

Had friends of every breed

They kept us fed and kept us warm

Had everything I need

Last week a goofy man appeared

A congressman, he said

He liked me much as I had feared

He smiled and shook his head

They put a leash around my neck

He led me to his car

I shrugged and said, well what the heck

It can’t be very far

I’ll run away first chance I get

Back to my buds and friends

The problem is I’m with him yet

This torture never ends

You see he bought me ‘cause he had

No other friends in town

And if I left he’d be so sad

That I had let him down

They say if loyalty you need

Then buy a dog like you

And I’m a weiner Dachshund breed

And dammit he is too