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The Little Man Upon The Stair

Anthony Weiner, Democrat congressman and pervert, remains in the news, principally because he won’t resign. And why should he? The propaganda arm of the Democrat party, also known as the mainstream media, are behind him one hundred percent, screaming in rage at the filthy conservatives who try to force their unwashed morality down the throats of their betters Chris Matthews, of MSNBC, told both of his viewers that the rubes are out to get the congressman, and will stop at nothing to do so. You see, Liberalism, now renamed Progressivism, is seen by its cult members to be the stairway to the stars, and they don’ like us stinkin’ proletariat usin’ their stair.



A little man with features fair

Came down as I climbed up the stair

We passed without a word or smile

And stretched behind him, single file

Came many women, many men

All looking crossly at me when

I stopped and asked why the display

Of rank disgust they threw my way

This man committed no great sin

They cried, and look the mess he’s in

And all because of unwashed proles

Like you who think your silly goals

Of decency and men who’re just

Are part of nature’s sacred trust

You backward people with your airs

How dare you climb upon our stairs

They stomped away, all fierce and grim

As single file they followed him

And disappeared, I know not where

One thing I know, it’s not their stair



If It’s Loyalty You Want, Buy A Dog

There is an old saying in Washington DC that if you want loyalty, buy a dog. With everyone turning against Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, he took that advice. But what did the dog think about it?



I liked it at the puppy farm

Had friends of every breed

They kept us fed and kept us warm

Had everything I need

Last week a goofy man appeared

A congressman, he said

He liked me much as I had feared

He smiled and shook his head

They put a leash around my neck

He led me to his car

I shrugged and said, well what the heck

It can’t be very far

I’ll run away first chance I get

Back to my buds and friends

The problem is I’m with him yet

This torture never ends

You see he bought me ‘cause he had

No other friends in town

And if I left he’d be so sad

That I had let him down

They say if loyalty you need

Then buy a dog like you

And I’m a weiner Dachshund breed

And dammit he is too



The Meaning Of Is

Anthony Weiner, Democrat, has just confessed, but before he confessed he tried to do a Bill Clinton by saying the pics could have been him or they could not have been him. It was all dependent on the meaning of the word “is”.


Websters: is – to be; combining form of is – equal, homogenous, uniform



Would be Clintons scorn the norm

When asking what is is

They speak of the combining form

While others think of ‘tis

When Weiner’s asked if picture’s his

He thinks “homogenous”

Combining form of the word “is”

There’s nothing dodginess

Or maybe thinks of “uniform”

Alike in thought or dress

When written out in cuneiform

It could be no or yes

We know for sure one thing is true

If “equal” is what’s meant

Then “is – to be” is meant for you

For him the words are bent


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Representative Anthony Weiner, Democrat, who for days has claimed he did not have Twitter with that woman, has now admitted he sent the dirty pictures of himself to that college girl, and others now are jumping in, claiming they too have received unwanted pictures of the goofy looking congressman. 



I’ve sent some stuff by Twitter

But so what, I’m not a quitter

We all know the women love the stuff I sent

They all love me in my shorts

Showing all including warts

That has now become a Weiner incident

Girls laugh when I do Twitter

But I’ve always loved a titter

And a hearty laugh just makes my day complete

When they see that it’s a Weiner

Then their interest’s that much keener

And so now you know just why it is I Tweet


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