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My Fellow Americans

President Obama’s address at Fort Hood was a thesaurus short of being Reaganesque, but that didn’t stop slobbering liberals from waxing ecstatic, likening the address to the few words given at Gettysburg, and with leg-tingling certainty proclaiming the Obama speech would be taught in university rhetoric classes a hundred years hence. They would have gone into an ecstatic catatonic trance had they heard President Obama’s little known address to the Council on American Islamic Relations regarding the unfortunate events at Fort Hood. Translation from the Arabic by Google, video by YouTube.



My fellow Americans

He said with a frown

A tragedy occurred

But don’t let us get down

With spirits uplifted

We’ll march as before

United as people

Together once more

But before I begin

There are things I must say

About the fine man

We here honor today

A man filled with peace

Who was pushed to the brink

By the actions of those

Who would not stop to think

How oppressive we are

How oppressive we’ve been

How afflicted we are

With original sin

It’s clearly our fault

That this fine man just snapped

And in reddest rage

Fellow soldiers he zapped

He’s shown us the worst

That our country can be

He’s shown us the best

Of a country that’s free

We honor a man

Who put Islam above

A country he honored

With undying love

In closing I’ll say

We condone not his act

But justified fully

And that is a fact