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All Alone

The European debt crisis worsens by the day, and the European banks seem to be in a state of denial. The euro is going down and they steadfastly refuse to believe it, confident Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve will bail them out. They are, in the words of that old Irving Berlin song, All Alone.



All alone, I’m so all alone

As the euro drifts away

All alone, by the telephone

Waiting for the Fed

To get in bed

So all alone, in the evening

All alone, feeling blue

Wondering where is Ben

Will he come, and when

Or is he like me

All alone too


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Death In A Small Brussels Town

Symbolism. All is symbolism. A Greek debt default on 15 October means the end of the Eurozone, probably the end of the European Union, and possibly the end of the Euro  as a common currency, because the European banks who insanely kept buying worthless Greek bonds hoping to delay the inevitable will find themselves in the same position as Lehman Brothers. That is to say, they will be broke and broken, with the likely result the resumption of the old nation states of Europe, each with its own currency, a far more manageable and sensible arrangement. Which brings me to the symbolism of the title of this post: It is titled Death In A Small Brussels Town instead of Death In A Small Belgian Town, because there has not been for fifty years a Belgium or Germany or France, but the soon to be dead artificial European Nation State of Brussels.



In silence they stood

As the body was borne

With slow solemn steps

To a hearse drab and worn

Black horses at ease

As the casket was placed

In the bowels of the hearse

A life’s promise erased

And so it has gone

Gone the socialist dream

Gone and buried for good

‘Mid the Left’s silent scream

In a small Brussels town

In a drizzling rain

The corpse was interred

The Left’s promise in vain


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