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The Hinge Of Fate

Western Civilization has entered an era where the western world as we have known it for a thousand years may well disappear, to be replaced by something else, something as yet to be defined. We are, in fact, at a point often called A Hinge Of Fate. We cannot know which leaf of the hinge will be the one to move.  Hinges have pintles, and so the movement can go in either direction.  Should the hinge swing one way, the West will be preserved, though likely in a way that is different from the old, in the way that Europe, pre-Middle Ages was different from Europe post-Middle Ages.  And should the hinge swing the other way, then the modern West as we have known it is irrevocably gone, to be replaced with a modern something else. And right now it appears that the hinge may have already swung, and the West, unwilling to defend itself, will be returned to savagery and slavery.



The West, my friend, will never die

Said Cortes with a laugh

And brought the Aztec to the dust

And wrote their epitaph

The Zulu fought and fought quite well

The Dervish, said a wag

Would come to civ’lization

By the round end of a Krag

But then there was the science

And invention and the arts

And roads and rails and crops and law

Not seen in far off parts

The bag was mixed, as often is

The world as understood

And should the hinge swing ‘gainst us

Then our West is gone for good