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Don’t Call My Bluff!

The Republicans want to begin the process of resolving the fourteen trillion dollar debt crisis by cutting spending as part of the solution to the raising the debt ceiling crisis, but Obama wants none of it. Obama doesn’t want to solve any crises, he wants to use it to his political advantage. And so when Republican House members went to the White House recently with a plan to resolve the debt ceiling crisis, Obama screamed “DON’T CALL MY BLUFF!” and stalked from the room.



Obama smiled, his manner cool

His speech just light weight banter

And then, we learn from the press pool

He lit up Eric Cantor

And screamed that he had enough

Of disrespect from whitey

And dared them all to call his bluff

Then stalked out high and mighty

Some think that’s how our prez should act

When faced with opposition

You double down, cry you’re attacked

And shove their proposition

Right down their throats and stuff it too

And scream there’s no tomorrow

While others wonder if the zoo

Has some chimp we could borrow

We’ll dress him up and swear him in

And briefed on the debt ceiling

He’d scratch his butt and grin his grin

You know, that pic’s appealing



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A Very Large Poorhouse

The Senate is about to raise the debt ceiling above 12.1 trillion dollars ($12,100,000,000,000.00) in order to avoid defaulting on the country’s obligations by mid-October. The ceiling has already been hiked three times in the past two years, with no end in sight, thanks to the Obama administration’s profligate spending policies that have resulted in massive deficits far exceeding the profligate spending of previous administrations. Where will it end? Is there a poorhouse somewhere big enough for 300 million people? Yes there is. It is called the United States.



Can anyone recall the day

When debt was fairly low

When a hundred billion was the limit for

All that they would have to pay

To run the whole damn show

Not excluding the expensive bill for war

And now we’re up to thirteen trill

And counting more to come

So why not write a check and leave it blank

Amount be left for pols to fill

Why not, they think we’re dumb

To keep on filling up their piggy bank

You wonder why this country has

A debt ceiling at all

No one has ever paid for their misdeeds

They chuckle in the corner as

The tax man comes to call

They treat the money like so many beads

I say we take the ceiling down

Be open to the sky

Just let the money flow into their hands

We follow every tootlin’ clown

Who pied’s the piper by

And march on down the street behind their bands