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Deeper And Deeper

The US Treasury Department reports that 2nd quarter 2009 tax receipts are down from 2nd quarter 2008 receipts. Individual Income Taxes are down a staggering 43.5%; Individual Employment Taxes are down 1.5%; Corporate Income Taxes are down a mind-boggling 57.3%; and All Other receipts are down 8.3%. We are getting deeper and deeper in the financial hole. The money is running out, as is President Obama’s political capital. It is heartening though, despite the financial picture, to see that the Blue Dog Democrats are stiffing the attempted coup to impose socialized medicine on the country, and the planned destruction of the American economy through carbon taxes via the odious Cap and Trade fraud will now not likely see the light of day. It is becoming increasingly clear that we have a fighting chance of saving our country from the radical lefties who seek to destroy it. 



We must take heart even though we art

In doo doo deep and troubling

With O in charge it’s looming large

That taxes will be doubling

Cap and trade puts in the shade

All taxes gone before

It’s a good bet our national debt

Will melt our finance core

Economies when taxes ease

Rebound with mighty force

But O it seems will take our dreams

And stomp on them of course

When will it end when can we send

Chicago’s men back home

In three short years we’ll quell our fears

And elect the gal from Nome