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The End Of The Line

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Democratic Party of a Marxist Barack Hussein Obama has reached for a socialist bridge too far, and the public now sees clearly that the end stage of socialism means political and economic death for the country. The end of the Democratic Party as it is now constituted is near, and when the end comes, it will come quickly. The Whigs were a viable political party as late as 1854, and by 1860 they were gone. When the party’s over, the party’s over. The Democrats will soldier on, slowly sinking in their own feculent morass, but the Old Establishment Republican party will be reborn, probably under the same name, but under new management, a small government, constitutional party that listens to the will of the people, and believes the United States is worth defending.



For long we’ve slept in cocooned dreams

As Marxists gained the day

Leading us down narrow schemes

That bade the future pay

For present gifts and present plums

Just let the good times roll

Pay no attention to what comes

When time to pay the toll

That time is now, for all our lives

Depend on changing course

It’s time to bring out the long knives

And take it back by force

The force of angry voices loud

Who use the ballot box

To turn away the Marxist crowd

And change the White House locks


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