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The End Of The Line

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Democratic Party of a Marxist Barack Hussein Obama has reached for a socialist bridge too far, and the public now sees clearly that the end stage of socialism means political and economic death for the country. The end of the Democratic Party as it is now constituted is near, and when the end comes, it will come quickly. The Whigs were a viable political party as late as 1854, and by 1860 they were gone. When the party’s over, the party’s over. The Democrats will soldier on, slowly sinking in their own feculent morass, but the Old Establishment Republican party will be reborn, probably under the same name, but under new management, a small government, constitutional party that listens to the will of the people, and believes the United States is worth defending.



For long we’ve slept in cocooned dreams

As Marxists gained the day

Leading us down narrow schemes

That bade the future pay

For present gifts and present plums

Just let the good times roll

Pay no attention to what comes

When time to pay the toll

That time is now, for all our lives

Depend on changing course

It’s time to bring out the long knives

And take it back by force

The force of angry voices loud

Who use the ballot box

To turn away the Marxist crowd

And change the White House locks


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Capitalism has acquired a bad name among the ruling leftist elites who run our country and dictate what we see in the movies and on television and what we read in the newspapers. So much so that, as the Obama administration has made clear, the days of capitalism are numbered, and the country will very soon be counted in the socialist camp. Obama has already taken over the country’s largest auto maker, the country’s largest bank and the country’s largest insurance company. Are collective farms far behind? Capitalism is the engine that made this country the greatest wealth producing country for all its citizens the world has ever seen. But let’s let Capitalism tell the story.



I once created many jobs

I worked at them myself

But now the caring and elites

Have put me on the shelf

Where once I made the factories hum

Creating the good life

We’re now in socialism’s grip

Where bureaucrats run rife

With regulations now imposed

On everything in sight

The jobs are gone and so am I

Into that left wing night

A night of anguish, tears and loss

That will not see a dawn

I had my day and it was bright

But now that day is gone


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The Galactic Order

The universe is not linear. Each galaxy in each universe has a black hole at its center, and that black hole encloses its own universe with billions upon billions of galaxies, each galaxy with a galactic black hole, each galactic black hole with its own universe within. And so on, for the universe is infinite, as infinite as the Clockmaker who made it. From time to time a black hole expands and swallows its galaxy, while at the same time the universe within the expanding black hole is also expanding, meaning that an expanding universe is in the process of destroying someone else’s galaxy. Over the past seventy years or more the radical left wing of the Democratic party has replicated this infinite universe, creating black holes within black holes, entitlements within entitlements, partisan enclaves within partisan enclaves, always expanding, always destroying, all in the name of ideology and power. And when it can expand no further, like all bubbles it will burst. And when it bursts we will be swallowed by the black hole, with all we and our ancestors have lived and died for, our hopes and dreams for our children swept into the maw, leaving fiery trails in the night sky like a raging borealis.



Each galaxy has at its center

A thing where if you dare to enter

You can’t get out no matter what you do

A universe has umpteen billion

Black holes that are riding pillion

And each black hole has universes too

Those universes in their turn

Have black holes as we all shall learn

Ad infinitum is the word we seek

And this is what we have today

Black holes in which we throw our pay

To be doled out to those who’re in the clique

A universe without an end

A bureaucrat ‘round every bend

The lefties run a universe gone mad

A black hole formed for every group

There’s no guard on the chicken coop

And everyone just shrugs and says too bad

That universe will end one day

For entropy will have its way

And when it’s gone we know who’ll pay the bills

Till then our socialistic state

Will carry on till it’s too late

In meantime it’s a rifle and the hills




The Congress is about to take up Obamacare, and with the seating of Al Franken as Senator from Minnesota, the Democrats now have their sixty vote filibuster proof supermajority, and thus can, in theory, pass any bill they want without having to even read it, which they have done on several occasions thus far this year even without the addition of another comedian. Should President Obama and the left prevail in their avowed attempt to remake the world’s most efficient, most cost effective, most inventive and productive medical system ever seen on planet Earth into something a good deal less than that, we shall join other western nations like Britain, Canada and France in high cost, low efficiency health care, where health care will be rationed, with people waiting months for operations and tests. With shrinking earnings and more work, older doctors will retire early and fewer younger people will enter the profession, leading to a shortage of qualified doctors and health care professionals, who will then have to be imported from third world countries to staff our hospitals. Obamacare will be massively expensive, but it will be free to the people who vote for Obama, and that is the important thing.


Life proceeds in stages, and the life of a democracy is no exception. It has been observed elsewhere that a democracy begins to come apart when the public realizes it has the key to the public treasury. That is where we now are, where we have been for some thirty or more years, where a sizeable portion of the electorate expects the government to take care of them, and they vote for politicians who promise to unlock the public treasury for them. Obamacare will be the final nail in the coffin of democracy, for once a socialized government controlled health care system is in place, it will never be removed. Just ask an Englishman waiting months for an operation that will take place in a filthy government run hospital, or ask the fortunate Canadian who can afford to come to the United States for medical treatment. We can avoid the total destruction of our democracy, but only if we band together to stop Obamacare, for once that is in place, the government, which now owns the automobile industry and the banks, will then own you.



Doctor! Doctor! Will you please

Prescribe to ease my pain

I know they’ve lowered all your fees

And I can’t see you again

Until my ration card is stamped

Downtown at Barack’s place

So now that our health care’s revamped

I cannot show my face

But doctor! doctor! I hurt so

I can’t wait for my turn

To see why I am breathing slow

And why my eyes do burn

And why I cannot feel my toes

Or have a cup of tea

Without my wondering where it goes

Is something wrong with me?

What’s that you say, I’m now in line

For consultation when?

You say in six months I’ll be fine

And you can see me then?

All right if that’s the very best

That you can do right now

I’ll just go lay me down to rest

And hope indeed somehow

That I can last until that date

Obama says that I

Can see someone to medicate

Sometime before I die     



Down The Loo

Monday, the first of June, 2009, is a date that very well might be remembered for some time, for it is the date the United States ceased being a capitalist economy. The forced bankruptcy of Chrysler by the Federal government and the threats to Chrysler bondholders were the start, but the forced GM bankruptcy under terms favorable to the United Auto Workers union is far more troubling. The Federal government, under the leadership of President Barack Obama, has moved the country down the road to socialism, and not by just a little bit. The Federal government now owns 60% of General Motors, having bought the company with taxpayer money, in the process giving the United Auto Workers everything they wanted, everything they ever dreamed of getting. The UAW now owns 7.5% of whatever is left of GM, 800,000 retired UAW workers will continue to have all their health care and pension costs paid for, and the Obama administration has agreed to ban the sale in the US of all foreign cars not made in the United States. The man President Obama placed in charge of overseeing the GM bankruptcy is a 31 year old who has never held a job in the private sector, knows nothing about automobiles or finance, but who has the only qualification necessary – he’s a left wing Democrat activist, having worked previously for George Soros. Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan nutcase, has said the next book he’s going to give Obama is Lenin’s What Is To Be Done. That will make two copies in the Obama family library.



How do I love thee, let me count the ways,

Are the opening words of Liz to her sweet love

But How did I lose thee, after just one hundred days

Are words we cry beseeching God above

To turn the glass, reverse the sand

Don’t let the country slide to the abyss

Give us the strength to make a stand

And save us from Obama’s deadly kiss

Who are they who gave us such

A radical as ever wore the cloak

Of hope and change who promised oh so much

And turned around to be the cruelest joke

The laugh’s on us who thought that we

Were safe from all those leftist twists and turns

We thought that there could never be

A day we’d sit and watch as country burns

One hundred days is all it took

To nationalize the banks and autos too

The plan, my friends, is quite an open book

He plans to flush the country down the loo