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Tiger! Tiger!

Detroit has lost another sizeable chunk of its population, falling below the magic 750,000 mark, meaning less taxpayer money to pay the salaries of the city workers, the only jobs available in the mostly black, crime ridden dysfunctional city. The new mayor, a former Hall of Fame basketball player with the Pistons, has vowed to put the city back on its feet by tearing down huge chunks of it. Why is Detroit losing citizens faster than any major metropolitan city in the history of the United States? Because corruption, decades of black rule and liberal policies have driven the white and black middle classes to the suburbs, leaving the urban black ghetto with its crime and criminals in possession of a dying city, with the few remaining white neighborhoods filled with people too poor to leave and too afraid to leave their houses.



Tiger Tiger burning bright

Hall Of Fame Kaline in right

Gordy never ducked a fight

The Lions silver blue

Walter Reuther holding fast

Build them cars but not to last

Nail them owners to the mast

We take no IOU

The factories shuttered one by one

The city faced the setting sun

The people left and it was done

And now the wrecking crew

Dave Bing was once a Piston guard

He played it right he played it hard

But now he plays the final card

As Detroit sinks from view


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