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Designer Kids

RNL Bio, a South Korean biotech firm, is preparing to open a dog cloning center in early 2010 capable of cloning up to 1,000 dogs a year by 2013. The firm says it has already cloned a dog capable of sniffing cancer in humans, and South Korea already employs a number of cloned drug sniffing dogs. It would seem there is more going on than just cloning, for to produce a dog capable of sniffing out cancer in humans requires some re-jiggering of the DNA, otherwise why bother with cloning, why not just train a dog to sniff cancer? And if they are re-jiggering doggie DNA, why not human DNA? If you can design a dog, why not a human?



So now we have designer kids

Where mom can pick the eyebrows

Are we truly on the skids?

Or is this just for highbrows

I kinda like old fashioned things

Like late night making babies

The same for lowlifes and for kings

Mom’s babes and daddy’s maybes

If my mom had a choice to make

Would I be here to write this

Or would a different course she’d take

And go for much more brightness

Would she perchance want something more

Than I could ever give her

A seven footer who could score

A money torrent river

A movie star, a logger man

A Nobel Peace prize winner

But no, she got a blogger man

An ordinary sinner

If my conception wasn’t like

My mother would have wished

At least I wasn’t just a spike

In some old Petri dish