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Why do the Obama legions give him a pass when he says things with which they disagree? The answer, I believe, is that they know he is not telling the truth, that he is, to put it kindly, being disingenuous for political reasons. Barack Obama endorsed same sex marriage when he ran for the Illinois Senate, yet when he stated during last year’s presidential campaign that he was opposed to same sex marriage, homosexual activists smiled and gave him a pass. The radical left and the unions, both of whom hate Nafta, winked and nodded when Obama spoke in favor of it. Why are his supporters serene in the face of statements they disagree with? Because they know he doesn’t mean it.   



I love him so, the young thing thrilled

He’s cool and young and handsome

So what if verity is killed

And truth be held for ransome?

The journalist with glazey stare

Will tell all who will listen

There’s nothing like the brilliant glare

Of halo’s golden glisten

The ardent cling to every word

They gasp at all inflection

And then discuss what they have heard

Without the least reflection

They love him so for what he says

And what he doesn’t say

They love the eyes that truly mes

Merize in every way

And most of all they love to hear

The truth as he has seen it

But through it all one thing is clear

He really doesn’t mean it