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A Community Organizer Goes To War

The president of the United States has spoken not a word about his incursion into the Libyan civil war, and spends his time on vacation in South America, returning today to announce that he does not intend to speak about the war in Libya, does not intend to tell the American people what the mission is, what the plan is, what the end game is. He sends in the Navy and then says it’s all NATO’s show, he washes his hands of it, and the US Navy will be placed under command of a Brit or a Frenchman, or maybe some apparatchik in Brussels. He doesn’t know and doesn’t care. He has no plan, he doesn’t know what the mission is or what the end game is. Barack Obama is the most incompetent, least qualified person to ever hold the office of president of the United States. This is precisely what you get when you elect a Marxist community organizer. One does not expect competence from someone who has never so much as managed a lemonade stand.



How quiet is the world when no one listens

The whispers in the dark are scarcely heard

How silently the footsteps walk the narrows

How eager do we listen for a word

The president and sec of state not speaking

Not to each other or the world at large

The ship of state drifts slowly toward the rapids

With only grinning fools aboard in charge

One wonders if there’s policy behind it

One wonders if there’s malice in that smile

One wonders if his plan is our destruction

And actions on his part are full of guile

The world will have to pull itself together

Our allies must prepare for worse to come

If O by chance is somehow reelected

It’s bad for all but worse by far for some


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Fewer But Better

Faced with the coming tsunami of Republican votes this mid-term, President Obama has declared that the Democrat party will be stronger than ever since it will be reduced to the bare bones true believers. Where have we heard this before? Oh yes, from Lenin, who stated the communist party was better off with fewer but better people. Does Obama have the same thing in mind that Lenin had? Given Obama’s communist parents and communist mentors, it is not an implausible thought. And what about Axelrod’s statement that we should stay up all night election night and see what happens? Faced with a debacle, is Obama and friends about to turn the artillery dangerously close to their own troops in an effort to save themselves?



Obama is following right to the letter

Lenin’s sweet call for the fewer but better

For Lenin and Marx are his true early mentors

Strong horses, both gods, they were real life true centaurs

Bestriding the land of the serfs and the peasants

Promising much, giving workers nice presents

Like gulags and genocide, show trials and hunger

And death for the old to make room for the younger

The Stavka, Beria, a dank filthy prison

All praise to the Stalin for whom the sun’s risen

Yes fire the guns, TOT for effect mate

For soon will the voters affirm your reject date

We cling to our guns and religion and blindness

We fail to see greatness unlike the sheer mindless

Old Lefties you feel will hurrah come to save you

And keep for you power those same mindless gave you



Hussein Imperator

In less than two years President Obama has nationalized the automobile industry, the banking industry, distributed hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to his union constituencies, overridden the Constitutional provision of Congressional approval of Cabinet appointments by appointing more than three dozen non-confirmed czars to oversee the Executive department, plus trillion dollar stimulus bills and bailouts causing trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and has nationalized the best health care system the world has ever seen. Last year the House passed President Obama’s national security force youth bill, heeding candidate Obama’s call for a youth group of millions of volunteers, to be equipped, in the president’s words, as well as the military. From Acorn to mighty oaks. The Obama Jugend has not yet taken to the streets because Obama has yet to decide on the color green or brown for the uniforms. In any other country, and at any other time, this would be called fascism, a charismatic autocrat with a rubberstamp parliament. But the mid-terms will be here in three months, and with them the loss of Obama’s overwhelming majority, and thus his power to destroy the country. Will Obama permit this to happen? Will we see, in the next month or two, a hastily called press conference with Robert Gibbs emotionally reading an address to the people of the United States from President For Life Barack Hussein Obama? Will we see Mr. Gibbs cry with unbound joy as the Washington press corps rises as one in thunderous adulation? Will we hear the following words from Mr. Gibbs?  



My fellow Americans, I bring you tidings of greatest joy. Our beloved president, Barack Hussein Obama, has proclaimed the following words shall be read and memorized throughout the land:


With whose eyes shall we see the world

There are those who will see the world hollow

With whose mind do we see fellow man

There are those who will tempt us to follow

They will smile and attempt to arrange

Your thoughts and your life and your time

By promising comfortable change

And it won’t cost you one single dime

Oh they know how to work it so well

They know every button to push

But know that the road leads to hell

I speak of that road built by Bush

We’re now in a crisis, they’ll shout

Obama is moving too fast

Only we know what it’s all about

The One’s promises surely won’t last

Yes, that’s how they speak ill of us

But we’ll save you in spite of your fears

Just know that we’re driving the bus

And we’ll be at the wheel many years

We’re creating a new nation here

A nation we’re all proud to serve

A nation we all hold so dear

That we tingle the end of each nerve

Which is why we’ve decided on this

That elections are truly passé

Now the robe of your Caesar you’ll kiss

Though we’ll still have an election day

While you won’t vote you won’t really care

It’s the symbol that really does count

With these purple hemmed togas I wear

I’ll look swell sitting here on the mount



NASA, The Feel Good Space Agency

President Obama proclaimed that NASA, the space agency that put the first man on the moon, would henceforth have nothing to do with space or science, and instead devote its time and considerable budget to making Muslims feel good about themselves, and about their supposed contributions to science some thousand years ago. This move is not surprising, for Obama had previously credited Muslims with the invention of the compass, printing, algebra, and the university, none of which is true. Europeans invented the university, the Chinese invented printing and the magnetic compass, and the Hindus of northern India invented algebra and the system of mathematics we use today, including the so-called Arabic numbers. Why do we call them Arabic numbers? Because when the Arabs conquered northern India they brought the mathematical systems invented by the Hindus back home with them. So I guess that’s something. They at least recognized the Hindu math was better than what they were using. What other wonders did this marvelous civilization invent? Why, according to the American left, just about everything.


Wilbur and Orville, two Bedouin chaps

Believed that if Allah so willed

They could make a machine that would fly them, perhaps

Though they knew there’s a chance they’d be killed

No matter the risk, no matter the peril

For Allah they’d do what it took

They flew a straight line, they flew in a curl

Then told all the world in a book

In Cairo a smart man, al-Bert was his name

Said gravity bends passing light

Then took off for Princeton and cashed in his fame

When Allah proved that he was right

A young man named Henry, while dining as planned

In the town of as-Sembly on kine

Threw a bone to a dog, drawing marks in the sand

And created the as-Sembly line

And thus so it went, and thus so it goes

That Muslims created it all

From fire to atoms, from heads to our toes

We owe it to them to recall

That without the great Arab advances to date

The world would indeed be so poor

That we’d witness the famine and terrible state

Of the masses lay crushed at our door

All hail to the Arabs, those masters of art

And science and math and the lot

Who sit in the sand by their fire and fart

Eating goat from the communal pot



He Ain’t No Ally Of Mine

Since March 14th President Obama and the Secretary of State have issued a series of insults to Israel. On that date the president and secretary of state scolded the Israelis for daring to build some housing on land belonging to Israel, demanding that they cease forthwith or suffer the consequences. Just recently, during a White House visit by Prime Minister Netanyahu, Obama abruptly got up and left the room, telling the Prime Minister of our most important ally in the Middle East that he was going to dinner and he could hang around if he liked. There has been much speculation as to the reason the president and secretary of state have so insulted our only friend in the region, most believing there must be some underlying reason we on the outside do not yet know about. I don’t think so. I think the reason is far simpler. Obama was raised Muslim, by a marxist mother and communist father, has hung around all his life with virulent anti-Semites, and is simply doing what he has been acculturated to do.  



To those who might be wondering why

Obama seems so curt

To Netanyahu and the Jews

It’s ‘cause he wants them hurt

He grew up Muslim don’t you see

Then Farrakhan as friend

The Reverend Wright for twenty years

Now Israel’s gonna end

The Jews are enemies of his

And every Muslim knows

That killing Jews is Allah’s wish

That’s why the feeling grows

In Obie Wan’s perfervid mind

That history now states

It’s time for peace for all mankind

Blessed holocaust awaits



The Swimmer

President Obama will address the country tonight in the annual State of the Union address.  Obama is swimming against a strong outgoing tide that is carrying him into irrelevancy. With momentous events swirling all about him, President Obama seems blissfully disconnected. The outgoing tide has carried him off the beach, where he bobs to and fro, aware in some dim fashion of the nearby looming landmass, but not a part of it. The people of this country are vehemently opposed to giving lawyers to terrorists, vehemently opposed to bringing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York for a show trial that will result in the greatest anti-American propaganda boondoggle in recorded history, and are firmly opposed to the administration’s version of healthcare reform. Despite this, the president floats serenely alone, determined to press ahead, convinced that he and he alone knows what is good for us.



Alone on the beach with the sky turning gray

The timeless sea murmuring low

I spotted a swimmer a distance away

He seemed to be someone I know

He called me a greeting and waved me a hand

He grinned in an infectious way

And said “Why are you standing alone on the sand

Come into the water and play”

‘Twas Hussein Obama and now very near

He swam with strong strokes in the surf

He shouted “Now let me make perfectly clear

You’re standing on my favorite turf

I love shifting sands they permit me to be

Anything that my people desire

I always allow my positions be free

I never go wire to wire”

He emerged from the surf with a bound up the beach

The sun was just breaking new day

“A whole new world order is just in my reach”

He grinned a grin toothy and gay

“I’ve won in Iraq and in Afghan I’m fine

In Yemen we’re rounding them up

Our Iran position is coming on line

Good fortune is filling my cup”

Then back in the water now sparkling with sun

The breakers all brilliant with foam

I watched as he swam knowing he was The One

And turned and walked sadly back home



Abe, George, What Would You Do?

The president has yet to decide whether to continue the war in Afghanistan to its finish, or to bug out, or to take the third route, a slow decline into inevitable defeat. Such are the burdens of the lonely man in the Oval Office. Late at night, in the Hall of the Presidents, Obama paces fitfully, begging the portraits to understand.



I will not be rushed

Though my name be crushed

‘Neath the right wing idiot mass

For I know I’m right

Least in Allah’s sight

So on Afghan plans I’ll pass

As deciders go

I may seem quite slow

But I get there in the end

I will delegate

So that I can skate

Up the hill and round the bend

It’s a lonely job

And it does play hob

With my presidential mien

For my health care plan

Meant for every man

Is departing from the scene

There is much to do

And the days are few

And the nights are long and cold

And I must decide

If I run or hide

To do neither would be bold

So I take me hence

To the passive tense

While our soldiers fight and die

Waiting for my writ

While I think and sit

Is it me or is it I



When All That’s Left Is Love

Camille Paglia, in Salon, lists all of the stupidities, lies and general incompetence of Barack Obama, yet she still loves him. Why? The answer is she loves him not for what he has accomplished, but for what he is – a leftist like herself. Belonging to the same club is enough. Women in particular love Barack Obama because they see him as handsome, cool and caring. He cares about the things women care about, or they think he cares because he says he does. Soft things, emotional things, or at least emotional to women. The hard things, war and national defense, are not in the same emotional world as that populated by most women, who want someone to help them care for their children, someone to substitute for the dominant and, in their view, domineering male they would otherwise have to depend upon. Snug and warm in the cocoon of leftist thought and deed, women will not leave the nest, for that would isolate them from their leftist friends, and no one wants to be alone.


I love him so, she sighed and blushed

So handsome and so cool

No matter if our freedom’s crushed

And jackboot Nazis rule

I wouldn’t like to see them here

The Nazi thugs I mean

But things like that I never fear

With Barack on the scene

He loves us so, we love him back

He gives us such a thrill

I grieve to see the Right attack

His every little bill

Of course I think it likely that

We’ll change the country’s mind

About this little healthcare spat

And recognize how kind

Our president and Congress are

And how we need them so

And how we need to have a czar

For every little woe

That ill befalls us womenfolk

When facing life alone

And which is why we never joke

About the scary tone

That comes out of the White House now

And causes us some pain

But nonetheless I tell you how

We love our man Hussein









Victory Is Not An Option

President Obama, in an interview with ABC News, said he does not like to use the word victory. “I’m always worried about using the word ‘victory’,” he said, “because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur.” This is astounding, though not astonishing, given what we now know about Barack Hussein Obama and his utter contempt and dislike for the United States, its traditions and culture. Disregarding the fact known to most schoolboys that Hirohito was nowhere near the USS Missouri on the day in question, it is not clear to me whether Obama thinks surrendering to the Americans was a humiliation to the Japanese not to be borne, or whether it was a personal embarrassment inflicted by vengeful and vindictive white people on a dignified man of color. Whatever, the import of what Obama said is clear. He does not believe in victory. He strove mightily, as did other Democrats, to lose the war in Iraq, in the belief that losing the war would be beneficial politically to Democrats. Which raises the question, what are we doing in Afghanistan? Why is he sending men to die if not for victory?



Victory or death, men used to say

But such words now are quite passé

And victory as such is much deplored

Our president has said as much

And he is surely more in touch

With matters military ‘cross the board

Than those of us who seem to think

That when at war one should not shrink

From doing what we need to do to win

So we should follow Obie’s lead

And when we fight we should concede

That victory in war’s a mortal sin

For enemies that kill our guys

Are merely friends that we may prise

Away from habits warlike, harsh and cruel

And turn them into people who

Believe in all the things we do

And all who don’t believe this is a fool

But somehow I can’t quite believe

That wearing hearts upon our sleeve

Is quite the way to show them we are right

For in a war you win or lose

And which is not for you to choose

And victory or death be why we fight



An Opening On Mount Rushmore?

Barack Obama’s overheated disciples are even now saying that the One deserves to be on Mount Rushmore for his speeches alone, which are, they assert, of transcendent brilliance. Obamaspeech.com offers the text of 100 speeches going back to 2002. The electronic library of his speeches and remarks runs to 36 pages. But will speeches alone, no matter how brilliantly read from the teleprompter, gain Obama access to Mount Rushmore? The answer is yes, if the Main Stream Media have anything to do with it. On the other hand, for those who believe Barack Obama is a Muslim, the question is will Mohamed come to the mountain or will the mountain come to Mohamed.



Mount Rushmore beckons

But who reckons

Obama will be there

Not I said the hen

Not I said the wren

Nor I said the gentle hare

Mount Rushmore’s face

Will take its place

With monuments of old

Each likeness one

Of battles won

Of action brave and bold

Since time began

What sort of man

Used words instead of deeds

To gain the flame

Of fleeting fame

And think that he succeeds

We know of one

A Kenyan son

A master of disguise

But joining those

Whom history chose?

He’s not one of those guys