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Scam I Am

Dr. Seuss created a character called Sam I Am. The environmental whackos in particular and the liberal Dems in general have created a character called Scam I Am, and that scam is man-made global warming. All the evidence points the other way, that man has literally no effect on climate, that there have been recent periods of the earth’s history when the global temperatures were much higher than they are today, yet global warming alarmists continue to shout for the shut down of the American economy in order to save the planet from their mythical and mystical nightmares. But do they really believe that if we don’t act now the world will come to a screeching halt? I don’t believe they believe. It is my belief their agenda is the destruction of the western world in general and the United States in particular, in order to rebuild that world in their own wise and wonderful image. They are not nuts, they know what they are doing, and they are dangerous.  



Yes, global warming is a scam

But that’s not why they try

The lefties only want to jam

Their fingers in our eye

They want the world to be like them

So pure and fresh and clean

And since they’re all crème de la crème

Opposing them is mean

But here is my solution to

What they say they all fear

We’ll simply shift pollution to

The Eastern hemisphere

Here’s how it works, the plan’s a plus

That’s not been thought before

We’ll shift away the stuff from us

Onto a foreign shore

The Western hemisphere declared

Off limits to all kinds

Of stuff that makes enviros scared

And fevers up their minds

We build big fans like we do best

And run them night and day

And have them facing east and west

To blow the stuff away

To change the temps from warm to raw

We change the point of freeze

Then lower all the temps by law

A couple of degrees

Pollution gone and warming dust

That leaves the ocean rise

But as for that I fear we must

Take that as a surmise