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O Time In Thy Flyte

Our national media are wont to scream headlines at us that turn out to be, shall we say, a bit hysterical? In 1977, for instance, Time magazine ran a screaming cover and hysterical inside stories about the coming Ice Age, and how huge numbers of us would die and so forth, and just thirty or so years later ran a screaming cover and hysterical inside stories about the coming catastrophe of Global Warming, where the oceans were about to boil and we would all die of asphyxiation from a super heated carbon dioxide atmosphere. Of the two, I would prefer the Ice Age. We could always burn copies of Time magazine to keep warm.



O Time in thy flyte

How often not right

How often thy headlines doth scream

But alack and alas

They do not come to pass

And events are not all as they seem

To thine editors all

And thine writers who scrawl

Of the horrors to come such as these

You would think they’d descry

The few copies we buy

Means their cup is now down to the lees


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You Are My Sunshine

The global warming people just don’t give up. Their scam and fraud has been exposed for all to see, yet in high liberal socialist places like the UN, people insist on being paid by the West for not polluting the atmosphere with Carbon, the building block of all life on Earth. Environmental whackos insist, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that the sun has nothing to do with warming the Earth. The claim now is that Sulphur, SO8, will save us from that evil pollutant Carbon dioxide, CO2, a substance we all exhale and have exhaled from the moment of birth. Many years ago, when I was a lad, we boy scouts sat around the campfire and sang You Are My Sunshine. I don’t remember the words, but the melody went something like this.



You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You warm my woodlands, you warm my seas

You grow my flowers

You gauge my hours

And without you, sunshine, I’d freeze

Now some berate you, while others hate you

Say rising temps are made by man

Their claims are foolish

Just fossil fuelish

And all life on earth they’d ban

Oh mighty orb now, you can absorb now

All CO2 that we exhale

They say S8 now

Will expiate now

For the sin of theory fail

Ask any shaman, the great god Amon

Has circled Earth and warmed our hearths

The highest churchmen

Were in the lurch men

When ‘twas found the circling’s earth’s

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You give me sunburn

You make the world turn

Please don’t take my sunshine away


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A global warming skeptic has identified a possible reason for the slight increase in temperature as reported by land based reporting stations. It seems that in addition to these little bird house-like reporting stations that were once in open fields and are now in shopping mall parking lots and other heat sinks as the countryside has grown up around them, the stations, which once were whitewashed, are now painted, and it is claimed that investigation has shown that a painted station records a higher temperature than a whitewashed station. Of course the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association disputes the data, claiming that they are right and anyone who says they are not are nut cases, even though thousands of volunteers spent many years collecting the data. But a greater question than the truth or falsity of global warming is, why did they change from whitewash to paint when Washington has always had an unlimited supply of whitewash.      



Where once was whitewash now is paint

The reasoning’s before us

Whenever there is voiced complaint

The governmental chorus

Will shout Not So! Your data’s wrong

And e’en should they admit it

You get the ripe old dance and song

Before you can submit it

Investigations make them blush

They’re often caught red-handed

Then out will come the whitewash brush

Then smile and claim they’re candid

They’re never wrong, they tell no lie

And therein lies the reason

That whitewash is in short supply
It’s always whitewash season



Cap And Traitors

In his oval office speech a few nights ago, President Obama informed us that the way to get the Gulf oil spill under control is to pass the cap and trade bill. Senators Lieberman and Kerry have a hurriedly written carbon tax bill ready to be presented to the Senate, knowing they have a shrinking window of opportunity, for it is unlikely they will still have large majorities in the Congress after the November elections. The Democrats are pressing furiously for a carbon tax to fund their outrageous giveaways of trillions of dollars to the unions and other faithful. Of course they don’t call it a tax on every single American who lives and breathes and exhales carbon dioxide, they call it carbon cap and trade, and are prepared to convince the unwashed rest of us that the tax won’t fall on us but on polluters like BP, and that a carbon tax is vital to protect the planet from global warming, though they will frame the argument in other ways, knowing that global warming has been rejected as nonsense and a scam by most of the electorate  They do not care that their scheme will devastate the Middle West, where almost all of their electricity comes from coal fired plants, nor do they care that their scheme will destroy the American coal industry. Of course, it is not that they don’t care; they do care. They care for their agenda, their plan, for the plan is to destroy the American economy so they can ram their socialist agenda down our throats.


The idea behind cap and trade is that the government will set the minimum amount of carbon allowed to enter our pristine atmosphere, and that people who do not reach that minimum may sell their unused carbon credits to people who do exceed the minimum. Also, carbon emitters may buy carbon credits from companies who will plant trees or bloom the oceans, the trees and plankton blooms eating the carbon and thereby canceling out the overproduction of carbon dioxide by the industry now deemed a polluter. Bear in mind that former Vice President Albert Gore owns a carbon credit company, and so stands to make a whole lot of money out of this global warming scam he has done so much to promote. You will recall that after leaving office in January of 2001, Vice President Gore declared his net worth at one million dollars. Al just recently bought an ocean front home in California for 9 million dollars, to go along with his other properties, including a multi-million dollar mansion in Tennessee. That money came from somewhere, folks, and it came from the global warming scam he is running.


The environmentalists behind the global warming scam see a bright future in a carbonless world, President Obama and the Democrats see a way to tax their way out of the trillions in debt they have foisted on the country, and Mr. Gore sees immense personal profit. No matter that carbon is the essential building block of all life on Earth, and that without carbon life as we know it would not be possible. No matter to the environmentalists, the Democrats and Mr. Gore. Carbon is bad. Oliver Cromwell was once cautioned by a close friend, “For the love of God, Oliver, consider you may be wrong!” William Rutherford, in a paper to the Royal Society, once calculated how much longer the sun would continue to burn by assuming the sun was composed of the finest Welsh coal. Rutherford had the grace to add that the calculation depended on further information about the nature of the sun. Chesterton famously remarked that a man who does not believe in God does not believe in nothing, he believes in anything.  And that is where we now are. People who have nothing to believe in now believe in anything. The global warming alarmists have no inclination to consider they may be wrong, for they have an agenda, and are convinced, despite the history of cooling and warming cycles, despite the science, that Western man and Western civilization are destroying the planet, and so therefore Western man and Western civilization must be destroyed. The global warming fanatics who are driving this travesty of science and common sense at least believe the nonsense they are spewing. I’m not sure President Obama and the Democrats believe any of the global warming nonsense, but they sure are trying like hell to take advantage of it by passing carbon cap and trade, and if they succeed, it will be the largest single tax increase on every single American in the history of the country. How did we come to this? Are they cap and traders or cap and traitors?



Alarmists say the USA is harming

Earth and little people everywhere

Adding to that awful global warming

Far more than our natural global share

Carbon is the real time big time villain

Carbon’s got to go the creatures say

Anybody caught by Feds while spillin’

The stuff into the air will surely pay

But there’s a way to keep that old pollution

From making all your profits fall and fade

All you need is formal absolution

By buying into that neat cap and trade

Here is how it works, it’s really easy

You just buy credits from the comp’ny store

Don’t worry if you feel a little queasy

To learn the company’s owned by one Al Gore

We’ve got to clean the atmosphere in some way

We’ve got to have clean air and all that stuff

So what if little people lose their payday

You know some people always have it rough

The upside to it is the ones we do please

Envirowhackos and their loopy crowd

Are happy to collect and spend the new fees

What’s more our sacrifice sure makes them proud

To think the USA now takes the world lead

In shutting down our fact’ries and our work

To stop the Warming’s awful frightful warp speed

They’re proud to see that none of us will shirk

In the big fight ‘gainst cigarettes and whalers

We’re all on board to save good planet earth

From all us fascist CO2 exhalers

Who started breathing shortly after birth



Political Truth

We believe there is such a thing as objective truth, and there is, but that is not what we get from the media or our political and cultural betters. What we get from them is political truth. For instance:


POLAR BEARS – there are more polar bears now than there were 30 years ago, but that doesn’t fit the man made global warming narrative so what is true is not true for political purposes.


IQ – Hundreds of millions of IQ tests administered in the United States over the past 100 years have revealed quite convincingly and emphatically that some racial groups score better on the tests than others. Asians, for instance, score higher on IQ tests as a group than Whites score as a group, and Whites score higher as a group that Blacks score as a group. This does not fit the politically correct narrative that everyone is equal in every way, so what is true is not true for political purposes, and government social policy is predicated on the truth being false.


These are only two of many truths that have been rendered non-truth by the purveyors of political correctness, and accepted as truth by the vast majority of the public, who believe what the Left wants them to believe.


Oh polar bear you look so nice

Lying on the sun-baked ice

I hate to tell you that your floe

Will melt in thirty days or so

As global warming raises seas

And humans die despite their pleas


One hundred is the IQ score

That fits most people, maybe more

But some score higher, some score low

While others scoff, say it ain’t so

The scores are tainted, they would say

For culture surely rules the day

The thing is rigged, that’s what we find

That’s why some races lag behind



Me And Al

The Global Warming gang is hunkering down and riding out the storm, denying there is anything to see in the CRU leaked emails and memos. Will this work? Will the politicians and the media and those in line to make hundreds of billions of dollars from the scam succeed in making it all go away? Will soothing words and earnest and sincere entreaties to Trust Us save the day? Will the Global Warming gang succeed in destroying the economies of the western world in general and the United States in particular? Will we all feel better when everything the West has built and worked for these past three hundred years is given to the Third World kleptocracies? Well, foreign crooks may not get everything. Al Gore will get his share.  



Of all the words with CRU

What comes to mind is crud

And from the first the skeptics knew

That squeezing stones for blood

Was easier than getting those

Who manufactured lies

To say which data sets they chose

That proved the world wide rise

In temperatures on this fair Earth

Would lead to fatal cause

Like rising seas and earthquake birth

And shark attacks from Jaws

And meteors and melting ice

Volcanoes and the like

And much too much of things not nice

And breaches in the dike

While monsoon rains would flood the land

And drown both kith and kin

And rising tides drove all to stand

On high ground ‘mid the din

Of hurricanes of fiercest blows

Destroying homes and shrubs

While polar bears faced thinning snows

To raise their cute white cubs

But fear thee not the gurus said

We have a plan that works

Without us you would all be dead

Not knowing danger lurks

We’ll put a tax on CO2

In every breath you take

We’ll charge you for the carbon too

In everything you make

But here’s the thing, you can evade

The punishment du jour

By simply sending checks that paid

To us and to Al Gore

A simple sum that will allow

You carbon credits for

Just anything that me and Al

Have stocked up in our store

What’s that you say, we’ve cooked the books

Whatever can you mean

Just ‘cause the data’s gone and looks

Suspicious and obscene

You must not think that we would lie

For that would be uncouth

We swear to you, both Al and I

That warming is the truth



A Long Running Show

A questioner at an Al Gore global warming rally attempted to question the great one about his assertion that the polar bears are in danger by pointing out that government surveys reveal there are more polar bears now than ever before. The great Al Gore looked at him pityingly. Facts mean nothing to the lyrically transported, the true believers. No matter that the famous hockey stick graph that showed imminent catastrophic global warming has been shown to be a fraud. No matter that it has been proven that the data used to support the assertion that the earth was warming was cherry picked, with most of the discarded data showing the earth had not warmed in a thousand years. Facts do not matter; global warming must be true because Al Gore got a Nobel Prize for revealing it. Never mind the entire purpose of the global warming scam is to destroy the economy of the United States, reducing us to just another country, like Argentina or Zimbabwe. But it’s all right. The country’s being run by people who think the world would be better off without people, especially white people. And they may be right. We’ve been hanging around here much too long.



Let’s all give thanks to good Al Gore

Though God knows I don’t know what for

He’s been a malign force for decades now

He got us in this warming stew

He engineered Kyoto too

And for it all he took a Nobel bow

We’ve crazy folks who scream in pain

That warming temperatures will gain

And cause the earth to turn to dusty motes

Where every living thing will die

And even liberals will fry

Collapsing with Bushhitler in their throats

The seas will rise upon the land

And drown our cities out of hand

With hurricane force winds thrown in to boot

How can they know which scene to pick

Why it is on the hockey stick

Which must be true because it looks so cute

So close the factories and jobs

Don’t mind the unemployment mobs

It’s all for goddess Gaea don’t you know

We do believe that humankind

Will die but then we do not mind

For haven’t we all had a long run show



He Shoots, He Scores

We are all familiar with the graph that shows an abrupt rise in temperature from a flat base line. The graph resembles a hockey stick, and is now the basis of the entire global warming hysteria. But is it true? In 2006 the National Research Council was tasked by Congress to look into the data used to determine temperature rise over the past 1,000 years. The NRC looked at the data and concluded that there were some errors but the errors were of little effect. Global warming was thereby validated as fact. But a Canadian named Steve McIntyre, a science advisor to the Canadian government, was not so readily convinced. He asked repeatedly to see the original data, and was repeatedly denied. Finally, after years of struggle, he came upon the original data on which the so-called “hockey stick” graph was based, and discovered the data was cherry-picked to achieve the desired result. Of 252 tree ring cores in the original data set, only 12 cores were used, and those 12 were the only cores that supported global warming. The others either showed no change in global temperatures over the last 1,000 years or showed a decline in global temperatures. Why the con job? Who profits from the global warming hoax, whether monetarily or ideologically? Someone must, or it wouldn’t have happened.       



Hockey sticks are made of graphite

And if you want to get the graph right

Ya gotta cherry pick your data set

So that you get the end point rise

That points the blade up to the skies

And global warming is the thing you get

We know it’s all a great big fraud

We smiled at Al when he hee-hawed

At Kyoto that soon the earth will steam

As temps rose quickly due to our

Enormous love for fossil power

We just assumed another Big Al scheme

And now we find the data’s wrong

They put in stuff that don’t belong

And got us all into a swivet stew

I wonder who’s the master here

Who’s pushing this the faster here

And I believe it’s only you know who

A movie set, a Nobel Prize

A noble brow and otherwise

Yes he’s the guy who’s running for the score

I think we know the answer now

With cap and trade the big cash cow

The gold will flow to our friend Big Al Gore



What’s The Buzz?

Joe Buzz, a commenter at Belmont Club, thinks there might be some money to be made by selling people on the idea that the Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting, just as they’ve been sold on the nonsense of man-made global warming to the vast financial profit of Al Gore and other conmen. Joe’s idea is to sell refrigerator magnets to the gullible, with printed instructions on how to keep them properly oriented for maximum effect upon the poles, and to offer pole shifting offsets just like carbon offsets. Making up stories about Canada geese no longer migrating because of the shifting poles will get the enviros and other whackos rushing to buy magnets. The possibilities are endless. If Al Gore can get a Nobel Prize for nonsense, why can’t Joe Buzz?  



Hey Joe, you’re on to something here

You name the place I’ll bring the beer

A TV blitz with crying baby geese

We’ll cut Al Gore in for a slice

Although on TV ‘twould be nice

If Al would show up not quite so obese

Refrigerator magnets scream

A con man’s everlasting dream

Instructions printed all with large size type

We’ll get some academics too

Who for a price will work with you

And generate some full time good time hype

I see it now, the dough is real

We’re millionaires, a tingly feel

It’s gonna be just great I know becuz

Ideas like this come so rare

They just electrify the air

And all because of one guy named Joe Buzz



Scam I Am

Dr. Seuss created a character called Sam I Am. The environmental whackos in particular and the liberal Dems in general have created a character called Scam I Am, and that scam is man-made global warming. All the evidence points the other way, that man has literally no effect on climate, that there have been recent periods of the earth’s history when the global temperatures were much higher than they are today, yet global warming alarmists continue to shout for the shut down of the American economy in order to save the planet from their mythical and mystical nightmares. But do they really believe that if we don’t act now the world will come to a screeching halt? I don’t believe they believe. It is my belief their agenda is the destruction of the western world in general and the United States in particular, in order to rebuild that world in their own wise and wonderful image. They are not nuts, they know what they are doing, and they are dangerous.  



Yes, global warming is a scam

But that’s not why they try

The lefties only want to jam

Their fingers in our eye

They want the world to be like them

So pure and fresh and clean

And since they’re all crème de la crème

Opposing them is mean

But here is my solution to

What they say they all fear

We’ll simply shift pollution to

The Eastern hemisphere

Here’s how it works, the plan’s a plus

That’s not been thought before

We’ll shift away the stuff from us

Onto a foreign shore

The Western hemisphere declared

Off limits to all kinds

Of stuff that makes enviros scared

And fevers up their minds

We build big fans like we do best

And run them night and day

And have them facing east and west

To blow the stuff away

To change the temps from warm to raw

We change the point of freeze

Then lower all the temps by law

A couple of degrees

Pollution gone and warming dust

That leaves the ocean rise

But as for that I fear we must

Take that as a surmise