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An amateur astronomer in Australia was the first to see the comet slam into Jupiter a few days ago, raising questions about how well prepared we are to detect something big heading our way, and if we did detect it, what could we do about it. Another question is if a large planet killing rock is discovered heading our way should people be told they have x days to live. Some would prefer not to know, others would want a last chance to tell that special someone that they love them. Or would the planet erupt in mayhem as millions of people get even with whoever they have always wanted to get even with. But what happens if the astronomers are wrong? What happens if the comet misses? Can you undo telling your best friend’s wife you love her? Can you bring the neighbor who spoke ill of you back to life? Serious questions. And perhaps a more serious question is why are we dependent upon amateur astronomers to find these things?     



The amateur the heavens scanned

And then with barely trembling hand

He cleaned the lens to calm his growing fright

A great big rock showed in his ‘scope

Mistake, he thought, his only hope

And scanned again to see if he was right

Oh no, he said on second glance

That big old rock sure has a chance

Of hitting pretty close to where we are

And that, his Aussie buddy said

Means pretty soon we’ll all be dead

Methinks the thing is quite a bit bizarre

Let’s have a look, see what we’ve got

A little time or quite a lot

Aha! I see we’ve hours till impact

We’ll spend it wisely, you and I

By staring ‘tently at the sky

Except for us I’ll bet the thing’s untracked

Ya think we should alert the press

Inform the public of the mess

About to come our way from outer space

Or should we let them go their way

We shouldn’t need to spoil their day

Though perhaps they need some time to die in grace

It’s too late now, his buddy yelled

And dropped the ‘scope that he had held

And ran about the room in sudden fear

It’s on us now and that’s a fact

It’s minutes now we have to act

And what is worse we’re almost out of beer