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Dragon Slaying 101

The primaries are upon us, and the GOP searches for a knight errant to slay the dragon. Sometimes the old ways are not always the best ways. A cautionary tale about a knight who went into battle with a dragon woefully unprepared. Are we talking about a Republican knight setting out to do battle with the fierce Obama? Could be. In limerick form.



A New Hampshire village, forsooth

Was besieged by a dragon, in truth

Who appeared from the east

When expected the least

And sped off with a maiden uncouth


The village, in panicky mode

Called a knight, who lived just up the road

Who quickly agreed

But a retainer he’d need

Before he would leave his abode


The weather was crisp, but not cold

The knight neither young nor yet old

He set out with a cry,

“The foul dragon must die!

Or me name is not Romney the Bold!”


The enterprise well under way

The knight, with a dragon to slay

On a horse that was keen

Sped right to the scene

And brought that old dragon to bay


Now here’s where the story gets weird

From the dragon lair music he heerd,

A waltz, he declared

A weakness he shared

With the dragon, or so it appeared


Much alarmed, toward the music he slipped

Into darkness as black as the crypt

But abruptly he heard

Not a note, not a word

While from stalactites ice water dripped


In great fear now he tried to back out

When from out of the darkness a shout

With a roaring of flame

The beast cried out his name

And rushed forward to settle the bout


The knight drew his sword but too late

The dragon had settled his fate

A swift swing of his paws

And a raking of claws

Made the knight just some more dragon bait


Now the moral is clear as the sun

If you fight the foul beast one on one

A sharp sword or a shiv

Is okay, but to live

It is better to come with a gun


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A l’Outrance

Is Obama the new Napoleon, taking over the Republic and naming himself Emperor? Will he win re-election in 2012 on the votes of all those now dependent on the government for their livelihood, the unions, the federal and state workers, the people on food stamps, the voters from Mexico? Will Acorn and Soros be able to steal the election? Will the sun of Austerlitz shine on Obama election day 2012? And if it does, will there be an election day 2016 that is not simply a one party non-event where the strongman gets ninety-nine percent of the vote? What does Obama think? Read on. 



We press them hard and fiercely, a l‘outrance

We do not let them think or speak or breathe

We pull the strings and watch the puppets dance

And soon they’ll love the system we bequeath

A system foreign to the USA

But one that fills my tender soul with pride

Battalions cheering as they march my way

Vast numbers of good people by my side

Like Soros and Pelosi, Harry Reid

Chuck Schumer, Farrakhan and Jesse too

My first term is but just a springtime seed

The sun of Austerlitz is now in view

There will not be a Moscow filled with ice

We’ll not retreat, we’re blessed with soft warm rain

We win and let the losers pay the price

And bow the head to Emperor Hussein


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