A l’Outrance

Is Obama the new Napoleon, taking over the Republic and naming himself Emperor? Will he win re-election in 2012 on the votes of all those now dependent on the government for their livelihood, the unions, the federal and state workers, the people on food stamps, the voters from Mexico? Will Acorn and Soros be able to steal the election? Will the sun of Austerlitz shine on Obama election day 2012? And if it does, will there be an election day 2016 that is not simply a one party non-event where the strongman gets ninety-nine percent of the vote? What does Obama think? Read on. 



We press them hard and fiercely, a l‘outrance

We do not let them think or speak or breathe

We pull the strings and watch the puppets dance

And soon they’ll love the system we bequeath

A system foreign to the USA

But one that fills my tender soul with pride

Battalions cheering as they march my way

Vast numbers of good people by my side

Like Soros and Pelosi, Harry Reid

Chuck Schumer, Farrakhan and Jesse too

My first term is but just a springtime seed

The sun of Austerlitz is now in view

There will not be a Moscow filled with ice

We’ll not retreat, we’re blessed with soft warm rain

We win and let the losers pay the price

And bow the head to Emperor Hussein


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