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Free At Last

The Progressive movement appears about to end its seventy year run of destruction with the coming November elections and the long awaited wipeout in 2012. Thank goodness for Obama, who was not content with the salami slicing tactics that worked for seventy years, but who went all in with the socialist revolution the Progressive Democrats so ardently desire and worked so hard to attain, and thereby woke the sleeping people who never took notice that their country was gradually being taken from them. So now the other guys get their chance, led by the conservative Tea Party, and they promise to stop the leftward slide and return to American principles of small government and free enterprise. We shall see if they keep their promise.



Free at last

My that was fast

In hock since 1930

To gummint types

And all their hypes

That turned out dumb and dirty

Big buildings built

Filled to the hilt

With workers fat and lazy

It worked as planned

Get rich, expand

Just driving good folks crazy

Now comes the new

The cleanup crew

Who promise they’ll reform it

But we shall see

A year or three

Will tell if they perform it