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The Darkness Or The Dawn

Obama is doing a great job of presiding over the impending demise of the United States, a demise greatly desired by Obama’s parents, Obama’s dear friends the Ayers and Reverend Wright, and by Obama himself. The left laments, with crocodile tears, the descent into mediocrity, all the while working hard to speed up that descent. But there are others who say, Not So Fast! We’re taking over.  



The light is dim and dimly seen

It’s dawn and all is quite serene

Broad uplands stretch before our eyes

The world is ours and our fair prize

Not so, come whispers from the dark

The cliff is near, the crisis stark

The light you see is not the dawn

It’s dimming now and soon be gone

The curtain now is drawing low

It’s dusk you see, a failing glow

With soon the darkness coming nigh

Where wolves will howl at blackest sky

At dawn empire claims at birth

That all can see what freedom’s worth

At dusk empire empty drifts

Through chasms, valleys, endless rifts

And chastened longs for what is gone

And knows the night won’t bring a dawn

But others, made of sterner stuff

Cry Stand Back! We Have Had Enough!

Your Keynes and Marx have always failed

We’re here to say your ship has sailed

We’ve got the helm and changing course

Tea Parties bring a new found force

The old is out, the lines are drawn

We march into the shining dawn



Free At Last

The Progressive movement appears about to end its seventy year run of destruction with the coming November elections and the long awaited wipeout in 2012. Thank goodness for Obama, who was not content with the salami slicing tactics that worked for seventy years, but who went all in with the socialist revolution the Progressive Democrats so ardently desire and worked so hard to attain, and thereby woke the sleeping people who never took notice that their country was gradually being taken from them. So now the other guys get their chance, led by the conservative Tea Party, and they promise to stop the leftward slide and return to American principles of small government and free enterprise. We shall see if they keep their promise.



Free at last

My that was fast

In hock since 1930

To gummint types

And all their hypes

That turned out dumb and dirty

Big buildings built

Filled to the hilt

With workers fat and lazy

It worked as planned

Get rich, expand

Just driving good folks crazy

Now comes the new

The cleanup crew

Who promise they’ll reform it

But we shall see

A year or three

Will tell if they perform it



The Party In Bahstin Hobber

Tea Party candidates are leading the way to a wave election that will swamp the Marxist Socialist America hating Democrats in a tsunami of votes. Way back at the beginning of March in that faraway year of 2009 I posted here some verse calling for a Tea Party. I don’t know if the term was used before then in connection with the then building political climate six weeks into the Obama administration, and do not claim authorship of the idea, but I will say that if a single post in Verse-afire started this fire then I rest content.



The first tea dumped in Bahstin Hobber

Turned George the Third into a sobber

We’re lining up the Dems to clobber

We’re taking back our land

We don’t like mosques next to Ground Zero

We like good Sarah she’s a hero

The Times and Post say she’s a Nero

Who leads a clinging band

Of nuts for guns and class sedition

Who’ll lead us all to black perdition

I’m kind of liking that rendition

The bum’s rush being fanned

The tide has turned and those who’ve ruled us

For many years and think they’ve fooled us

Are learning now that we’ve been schooled thus

We’re on to something grand



Behold A Pale Horse

The four horsemen are riding in this country, but they are not named War, Famine Pestilence and Death. No, not those guys. The horsemen this time call themselves the Tea Party, and they are riding a political tsunami that intends to cast out the old power hungry political bulls and change the politics of this country for the next couple of generations. And they are led by a lady on a pale horse.



Behold the four horsemen

Note well the steed pale

To Irish the Norsemen

Debarked in Kinsale

To others the four

Are the riders of death

Who slay by the score

With the stench of their breath

But now there’s a new

Set of riders astride

Steeds of quite different hue

And they ride them with pride

And their names are not Famine

And Sickness and War

The first one a gamin

Named Beck and there’s more

There’s Angle and Haley

And Jindal of course

And Sarah quite gaily

On the lead Palin horse



The New Whigs

2010 is a tipping point year. The results of the primaries Tuesday showed the Tea Party is about to become a real political party, gaining strength at every turn, driven by one overarching idea, the idea that the government is broken and needs fixing. The last time this happened was in the 1850s when the just formed Republican Party, whose one overarching idea was the abolition of slavery, saw that idea draw people from both political parties, but particularly from the Whigs, who were subsumed into the Republican Party and disappeared. It is time now for the Republican establishment to disappear under the swelling voices of those who do not like either party very much, and who want real hope and change, not the Marxist kind, and not the country club kind. The Republican Party is changing, involuntarily it is true, but changing nonetheless. The name may remain, but in 2012 the nominee of the Republican Party will be a small government get off my back Tea Partier.



We’re at a time when all the bigs

Who sit in their palatial digs

Hauling loot in diesel rigs

Laughing, grinning, dancing jigs

Should know that their nice lifelong gigs

Are due to have one of those zigs

That cause these fattened oily pigs

To join the late lamented Whigs



The Changing Of The Tide

The Tea Party claimed another significant victory in Tuesday’s primaries when Rand Paul won the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky, defeating party regulars. The Tea Party movement is flexing its muscles. Long time Utah Republican moderate Senator Robert Bennett was defeated in his primary bid to be renominated as the Republican candidate for Senate by more conservative candidates backed by the Utah Tea Party. It takes a long time for the tide to turn in politics, a long time for voters to shift their ground, but it looks like it is finally happening. A growing number of Americans are dissatisfied with the socialist direction the country has taken over the past sixty years, and recent events have brought the realization that the good times are not forever, and that we cannot continue to assuage every real or imagined grievance, cannot continue to amass unsustainable debt. The socialist tide started flowing in with FDR, and is now at high water and about to turn around and flow back out. And the tide changer is the Tea Party.       



A rising tide doth lift all boats

It also lifts both sheep and goats

So hang on for the bumpy ride

The building’s there, let’s get inside

For power is as power does

Where is was is it now is was

We’ll throw the buggers on their ear

Thank God it’s an election year

A liberal Dem or Rhino man

We’ll kick them right out on their can

The Ship of State’s about to tack

The Tide will take our country back



The Past Is Here To Stay

Today is primary election day in much of the nation. Today we get the chance to start anew. We must remember that the past is here to stay, we cannot change it, we cannot revise it, we can only try to repair the damage. VOTE!



We cannot unfire the gun

Reverse the circles of the sun

The past is past and by the way

The past is here and here to stay

Elections matter don’t you see

What happens then is history

The past still says Obama won

The future may say one and done

But that is something we can’t know

For we have two whole years to go

And much can happen in that time

And world events can change the clime

A restless wave is growing now

The public will not long allow

The politics that brought us low

Incumbent pols have got to go

The Tea Party now holds the pass

A movement of the middle class

The past is here and here to stay

The future starts Election Day



A Nice Cup Of Tea

The British are about to have a general election.  Unfortunately, from this side of the drink it appears to be a contest between Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. As George Wallace used to say of Democrats and Republicans, there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between Labour and Tories. Whoever wins, the problems of unassimilated Muslims, unsustainable debt and accelerating decline will not be addressed. What England needs is a Tea Party. Where is the England of Kipling and Chinese Gordon? The England that bestrode the world? Is it still there, still quietly beating beneath the dross and shambles of Labour socialism? England doesn’t need a man on a White Horse, England needs a few good men and women with a cup of tea in their hands, ready to go to work to take their country back. 



Sir Thomas Lipton sailed his sloop

Won an America’s Cup

He packaged tea and later soup

The people ate it up

For tea comes easy to the Brits

They like it hot and sweet

At five it’s tea time at the Ritz

With cuke sandwiches neat

But now it’s time for British men

And British women too

To look about and say Amen

It’s bad, what can we do?

Just take it back, tea party style

Demand the madness end

With luck and pluck and maybe guile

You’ll get what you intend

A country free from social ills

Old Blighty as of yore

With socialism’s obscene frills

Shown out the bloody door

Yes drink your tea and sail your sloops

Throw out each party hack

Just march behind tea party troops

And take your country back