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A Nice Cup Of Tea

The British are about to have a general election.  Unfortunately, from this side of the drink it appears to be a contest between Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee. As George Wallace used to say of Democrats and Republicans, there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between Labour and Tories. Whoever wins, the problems of unassimilated Muslims, unsustainable debt and accelerating decline will not be addressed. What England needs is a Tea Party. Where is the England of Kipling and Chinese Gordon? The England that bestrode the world? Is it still there, still quietly beating beneath the dross and shambles of Labour socialism? England doesn’t need a man on a White Horse, England needs a few good men and women with a cup of tea in their hands, ready to go to work to take their country back. 



Sir Thomas Lipton sailed his sloop

Won an America’s Cup

He packaged tea and later soup

The people ate it up

For tea comes easy to the Brits

They like it hot and sweet

At five it’s tea time at the Ritz

With cuke sandwiches neat

But now it’s time for British men

And British women too

To look about and say Amen

It’s bad, what can we do?

Just take it back, tea party style

Demand the madness end

With luck and pluck and maybe guile

You’ll get what you intend

A country free from social ills

Old Blighty as of yore

With socialism’s obscene frills

Shown out the bloody door

Yes drink your tea and sail your sloops

Throw out each party hack

Just march behind tea party troops

And take your country back