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Don’t Mess With Texas

The Obama administration is determined to destroy the economy of the United States through Cap and Trade, an enormous tax on energy that would drive the cost of energy sky high and cause many businesses to fail and jobs to be lost. The administration does not consider failed businesses and lost jobs to be a bug, but a feature, a sure-fire means to ensure the peaceful devolution of the United States from what it has been for over two hundred years to something more to Obama’s liking, a failed socialist state. The problem for Obama is that even a Democrat controlled Congress refused to pass a Cap and Trade bill, and so Obama has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce the provisions of Cap and Trade as if a bill has passed and was law. To this end the EPA has sent a letter to the states demanding fealty (read Subservience) to the EPA. The Attorney General of Texas has written back to the EPA telling them in no uncertain terms where they can shove their fealty and their demands. As President Bush used to say, Don’t mess with Texas. 



In Texas it is understood

When needed guys like John Bell Hood

And Sam and Davy come to join the fight

The Texicans don’t take no sass

The good old boys will rise en masse

They’ll grab their guns and dammit set things right

The EPA can send out rules

In crayon wrote by lefty fools

And order folks to do things they want done

There’s places that will knuckle down

And bow before Obama’s crown

But not in Texas cry each native son