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Don’t Mess With Texas

The Obama administration is determined to destroy the economy of the United States through Cap and Trade, an enormous tax on energy that would drive the cost of energy sky high and cause many businesses to fail and jobs to be lost. The administration does not consider failed businesses and lost jobs to be a bug, but a feature, a sure-fire means to ensure the peaceful devolution of the United States from what it has been for over two hundred years to something more to Obama’s liking, a failed socialist state. The problem for Obama is that even a Democrat controlled Congress refused to pass a Cap and Trade bill, and so Obama has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to enforce the provisions of Cap and Trade as if a bill has passed and was law. To this end the EPA has sent a letter to the states demanding fealty (read Subservience) to the EPA. The Attorney General of Texas has written back to the EPA telling them in no uncertain terms where they can shove their fealty and their demands. As President Bush used to say, Don’t mess with Texas. 



In Texas it is understood

When needed guys like John Bell Hood

And Sam and Davy come to join the fight

The Texicans don’t take no sass

The good old boys will rise en masse

They’ll grab their guns and dammit set things right

The EPA can send out rules

In crayon wrote by lefty fools

And order folks to do things they want done

There’s places that will knuckle down

And bow before Obama’s crown

But not in Texas cry each native son



Cap And Traitors

In his oval office speech a few nights ago, President Obama informed us that the way to get the Gulf oil spill under control is to pass the cap and trade bill. Senators Lieberman and Kerry have a hurriedly written carbon tax bill ready to be presented to the Senate, knowing they have a shrinking window of opportunity, for it is unlikely they will still have large majorities in the Congress after the November elections. The Democrats are pressing furiously for a carbon tax to fund their outrageous giveaways of trillions of dollars to the unions and other faithful. Of course they don’t call it a tax on every single American who lives and breathes and exhales carbon dioxide, they call it carbon cap and trade, and are prepared to convince the unwashed rest of us that the tax won’t fall on us but on polluters like BP, and that a carbon tax is vital to protect the planet from global warming, though they will frame the argument in other ways, knowing that global warming has been rejected as nonsense and a scam by most of the electorate  They do not care that their scheme will devastate the Middle West, where almost all of their electricity comes from coal fired plants, nor do they care that their scheme will destroy the American coal industry. Of course, it is not that they don’t care; they do care. They care for their agenda, their plan, for the plan is to destroy the American economy so they can ram their socialist agenda down our throats.


The idea behind cap and trade is that the government will set the minimum amount of carbon allowed to enter our pristine atmosphere, and that people who do not reach that minimum may sell their unused carbon credits to people who do exceed the minimum. Also, carbon emitters may buy carbon credits from companies who will plant trees or bloom the oceans, the trees and plankton blooms eating the carbon and thereby canceling out the overproduction of carbon dioxide by the industry now deemed a polluter. Bear in mind that former Vice President Albert Gore owns a carbon credit company, and so stands to make a whole lot of money out of this global warming scam he has done so much to promote. You will recall that after leaving office in January of 2001, Vice President Gore declared his net worth at one million dollars. Al just recently bought an ocean front home in California for 9 million dollars, to go along with his other properties, including a multi-million dollar mansion in Tennessee. That money came from somewhere, folks, and it came from the global warming scam he is running.


The environmentalists behind the global warming scam see a bright future in a carbonless world, President Obama and the Democrats see a way to tax their way out of the trillions in debt they have foisted on the country, and Mr. Gore sees immense personal profit. No matter that carbon is the essential building block of all life on Earth, and that without carbon life as we know it would not be possible. No matter to the environmentalists, the Democrats and Mr. Gore. Carbon is bad. Oliver Cromwell was once cautioned by a close friend, “For the love of God, Oliver, consider you may be wrong!” William Rutherford, in a paper to the Royal Society, once calculated how much longer the sun would continue to burn by assuming the sun was composed of the finest Welsh coal. Rutherford had the grace to add that the calculation depended on further information about the nature of the sun. Chesterton famously remarked that a man who does not believe in God does not believe in nothing, he believes in anything.  And that is where we now are. People who have nothing to believe in now believe in anything. The global warming alarmists have no inclination to consider they may be wrong, for they have an agenda, and are convinced, despite the history of cooling and warming cycles, despite the science, that Western man and Western civilization are destroying the planet, and so therefore Western man and Western civilization must be destroyed. The global warming fanatics who are driving this travesty of science and common sense at least believe the nonsense they are spewing. I’m not sure President Obama and the Democrats believe any of the global warming nonsense, but they sure are trying like hell to take advantage of it by passing carbon cap and trade, and if they succeed, it will be the largest single tax increase on every single American in the history of the country. How did we come to this? Are they cap and traders or cap and traitors?



Alarmists say the USA is harming

Earth and little people everywhere

Adding to that awful global warming

Far more than our natural global share

Carbon is the real time big time villain

Carbon’s got to go the creatures say

Anybody caught by Feds while spillin’

The stuff into the air will surely pay

But there’s a way to keep that old pollution

From making all your profits fall and fade

All you need is formal absolution

By buying into that neat cap and trade

Here is how it works, it’s really easy

You just buy credits from the comp’ny store

Don’t worry if you feel a little queasy

To learn the company’s owned by one Al Gore

We’ve got to clean the atmosphere in some way

We’ve got to have clean air and all that stuff

So what if little people lose their payday

You know some people always have it rough

The upside to it is the ones we do please

Envirowhackos and their loopy crowd

Are happy to collect and spend the new fees

What’s more our sacrifice sure makes them proud

To think the USA now takes the world lead

In shutting down our fact’ries and our work

To stop the Warming’s awful frightful warp speed

They’re proud to see that none of us will shirk

In the big fight ‘gainst cigarettes and whalers

We’re all on board to save good planet earth

From all us fascist CO2 exhalers

Who started breathing shortly after birth



Cupboard Doors

President Obama has thrown open the doors to the Treasury to benefit unions, bankers and other assorted Democrat constituencies, saddling the country and its taxpayers with trillions of dollars of debt far into the future. And he is not done yet. If he is successful in destroying the finest health care system the world has ever seen the cost will be catastrophic, both in terms of money and in reduced health care. If he is successful in destroying the economy of the United States with a punitive carbon tax, the cost in jobs and standard of living will be irreversible. The looting of the Treasury continues apace, and soon the cupboard will be bare.



The cupboard doors

Had stood for scores

Of generations firm

Against the guys

Whose many tries

To open in their term

Who tried their worst

The doors to burst

The treasury to loot

And give the gold

To friends of old

And new found friends to boot

The cupboard doors

Withstood the whores

Who tried with might and main

To strip the land

To grease the hand

Of those with much to gain

Withstood them all

Until that Fall

When into town there strode

A man in black

Who did not lack

The cupboard’s very code

He opened wide

Just for his side

The cupboard and its sums

And gave away

What we all pay

In taxes to his chums

The unions got

From him a lot

Of power, votes and cash

And bankers cried

And tried to hide

Their bonus money bash

With trillions yet

To come in debt

Obama was not done

He pledged much more

From our small store

To fight the warming sun

Yet finding work

To him’s a quirk

No jobs? He doesn’t care

He’s not to blame

That’s not his game

Besides, the cupboard’s bare