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The Congregant

Environmentalism is a religion, Gaia is its goddess, and environmentalists are its congregants. As such they are accorded the religious freedom to persuade the rest of us to join them in their beliefs, but they have gone far beyond that. The United States is supposed to profess a separation of Church and State, but the Church of Gaia has taken over the Democrat party, and its catechism and article of faith have replaced the Constitution as the law of the land. An absolute belief in global warming, no drilling of oil or gas, clean air and clean water regulations so stringent they cripple business, no logging, no nuclear power, no building dams, no irrigating farmland, and many other restrictions the Democrats have happily loaded onto the body politic the better to strangle it. I talked to a Gaia congregant recently, and he seemed a reasonable fellow. He said:



I don’t believe in man-made gods

Who live where woodbines twine

Just think of it, what are the odds

That each could be Divine

No, there is but one God for me

And Gaia is Her name

It pains me much that you can’t see

That you are much to blame

For everything that isn’t fair

From fracking fossil fuels

And putting carbon in the air

Replacing horse and mules

With horrid greenhouse spewing gas

From engines no one needs

The Earth is dying and alas

She cries but no one heeds

The world was far a better place

When man intruded not

And time sped at a slower pace

As Gaia might allot

I hope and pray that you might well

Believe in Gaia God

I know that that is one tough sell

Like windmills on Cape Cod

But drilling oil and fracking gas

Will kill us all in time

As global warming comes to pass

And Al Gore notes your crime


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The Sands Of Yesteryear

The United States has enough oil within its borders and off its shores to make us completely independent of Middle Eastern oil, but the crazy environmentalists who control the Democratic Party will not permit us to drill for it, will not permit nuclear energy, and insist we return to the twelfth century. The question is not how do these nutjobs control the destiny of three hundred million people, but why are they so determined to keep us in thrall to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the camel lovers.



The Middle East has naught to recommend it

Not worth the bones of Bismark’s grenadier

They pump their oil and have the princes spend it

Not caring for the people they don’t fear

A backward dump of killers and slave raiders

Who build their cities of mud brick and sand

And have the self control of most third graders

Whose only loyalty is to their band

Without the oil that westerners had found there

They’d still be on the lowest bottom rung

Their taste in beauty camel piss to shine hair

And dinner cooked on sun dried camel dung


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James Lee

James Lee, the man who held hostages at The Discovery Channel building in Virginia until shot dead by police, was animated by concern for the Earth, for the goddess Gaia, spurred on by the mindless insanities of Al Gore. James Lee gave his life that no more babies be born to despoil the environment, and was enraged that the Discovery Channel did not carry more programming about the coming global warming catastrophe. James Lee was an environmentalist, and like a good many environmentalists who burn down housing developments in the dead of night and kill scientists and other innocent people in the name of environmentalism, James Lee CARED.



Confess we’re all on James Lee’s side

We want our perfect world, and now

We try the filth and dirt to hide

Behind a careworn furrowed brow

I’d like a world where children laugh

Instead of crying in their sleep

I’d like to write the epitaph

Of tyrants killing men like sheep

I’d like to see whom we elect

Work hard for us and not themselves

Who do the job that we expect

Not scoop the good stuff off the shelves

I’d like to see us reach the stars

And banish poverty for all

Why stop at Luna or at Mars

Cannot you hear the star fields call?

We can do better if we try

We can be more than we have been

There is no step that is too high

Indifference the only sin