The Sands Of Yesteryear

The United States has enough oil within its borders and off its shores to make us completely independent of Middle Eastern oil, but the crazy environmentalists who control the Democratic Party will not permit us to drill for it, will not permit nuclear energy, and insist we return to the twelfth century. The question is not how do these nutjobs control the destiny of three hundred million people, but why are they so determined to keep us in thrall to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the camel lovers.



The Middle East has naught to recommend it

Not worth the bones of Bismark’s grenadier

They pump their oil and have the princes spend it

Not caring for the people they don’t fear

A backward dump of killers and slave raiders

Who build their cities of mud brick and sand

And have the self control of most third graders

Whose only loyalty is to their band

Without the oil that westerners had found there

They’d still be on the lowest bottom rung

Their taste in beauty camel piss to shine hair

And dinner cooked on sun dried camel dung


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