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Achtung! Panzer!

Drudge headline today says NATO is going for the kill in Libya. We’ll see. In Brussels, the European Union is lusting to get the Germans involved in the war against Khaddafi, who stubbornly refuses to leave, and thumbs his nose at NATO, the EU and the United States. The EU must be smoking something, because the Germans no longer have the will or the power to remove anybody forcefully from office, least of all Khaddafi.



In Brussels an idea sprouts

When all is lost call in the Krauts

They still must think Das Deutsches Heer

Is one the whole wide world must fear

Reality is different though

Do not expect a heavy blow

From soldiers ordered not to fight

Unless the lawyers say all right

No more Guderian’s panzer blitz

Not while the Merkel government sits

With Rommel’s tankers in their graves

The German might that Brussels craves

Is but a distant dream at best

Why don’t we let those poor men rest


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