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Let’s You And Him Fight

News item: Nato pulls out of Libya operation, citing exhaustion. Italy has pulled out its aircraft carrier, Norway is pulling out its planes and France is negotiating with Khaddafi for a settlement. And all say that only US ground troops can bring the war to an end.


Let’s you and him fight, say the Europeans, exhausted by a low grade, no casualties kinetic slugfest against a guy with no air force or navy and whose mobile armored force consists of a pair of beat-up Toyota pickups.



Of course we’ve heard this all before

It happens every little war

The Euros start and cannot reach the end

From Libya to Kosovo

They start at ease and then go slow

While counting every mortar round they spend

Exhausted now, in deep despair

They’ve reached that blackest point to where

They cry their airplane can’t take any more

And both their pilots called in sick

And so they want that backwoods hick

The US to come in and win the war


And  yes I know we are already flying most if not all of the air strikes, though Obama says it is not a war at all and therefore doesn’t need anybody’s permission to do whatever he wants to a country that up until now was counted as a friend, or at least more friendly than most Arab cessholes.


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The Night The Wolves Came

Should the United States now withdraw from Nato? Has not Nato served its purpose? Has not the Red Army been disbanded? Are Red Army divisions still poised to strike west through the Fulda Gap? Why should the United States continue to supply the money, men and equipment to defend Europeans who do not have the will to defend themselves? They have relied on the United States to defend them for so long they now believe it is their right to be defended by us, and they have let their defense establishments go to the point of invisibility. Without us they are defenseless against the wolves of the world. And one night the wolves will come. They always do.



Uneasily the sled dogs slept

How quiet was the night

As red eyed wolves in silence crept

The collared dogs in sight

The sled dogs whimpered in the snow

Awake, they waited fate

They knew that one of them would go

But which? They could but wait

The red eyes ran with frosty breath

How silently they came

The lead dog closed her eyes in death

In moments just her name

On empty collar told the tale

As dawn erased the night

And only now a quiet wail

From those who could not fight

They knew the wolves would soon be back

For NATO is a lie

And weakness just invites attack

And one by one they’d die



Wyatt Earp

Nato declared war on Afghanistan in accordance with their treaty obligations when we attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan for harboring al Qaeda, who drove commercial airplanes into the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001. All well and good, but the only Nato country that did any actual fighting was Britain, and that in a very limited way. The others sent trainers and logistics people and did no shooting. Over time most of the non-combat combatants pulled their troops home, and now even the Brits are pulling out. For over sixty years Europe has depended for its defense on the United States, to the extent that no European country has a defense establishment equal to the task of removing a third rate dictator from a third world country. It’s always up to us. It’s about time the United States says goodbye to Nato, an alliance that has lost all reason for existence now that the Red Army is no longer pointed at the Fulda Gap. Time to cut off the money, time to stop paying for the defense of people who have obviously decided they do not want to pay for their own defense. It’s time for Wyatt Earp to say he’s tired of riding shotgun. 



The stagecoach pulled up into town

And Wyatt Earp stepped slowly down

His shotgun hanging loosely by his side

The horses shivered, flecked with foam

As Wyatt said, I’m glad I’m home

I’m here to say I’ve taken my last ride

I’m ridin’ shotgun not no more

For sixty years I watched the store

And fought through Injun country more than once

It’s Wyatt this and Wyatt that

It’s time you guys got up to bat

I’m tired of ridin’ shotgun for you runts



Achtung! Panzer!

Drudge headline today says NATO is going for the kill in Libya. We’ll see. In Brussels, the European Union is lusting to get the Germans involved in the war against Khaddafi, who stubbornly refuses to leave, and thumbs his nose at NATO, the EU and the United States. The EU must be smoking something, because the Germans no longer have the will or the power to remove anybody forcefully from office, least of all Khaddafi.



In Brussels an idea sprouts

When all is lost call in the Krauts

They still must think Das Deutsches Heer

Is one the whole wide world must fear

Reality is different though

Do not expect a heavy blow

From soldiers ordered not to fight

Unless the lawyers say all right

No more Guderian’s panzer blitz

Not while the Merkel government sits

With Rommel’s tankers in their graves

The German might that Brussels craves

Is but a distant dream at best

Why don’t we let those poor men rest


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A Community Organizer Goes To War

The president of the United States has spoken not a word about his incursion into the Libyan civil war, and spends his time on vacation in South America, returning today to announce that he does not intend to speak about the war in Libya, does not intend to tell the American people what the mission is, what the plan is, what the end game is. He sends in the Navy and then says it’s all NATO’s show, he washes his hands of it, and the US Navy will be placed under command of a Brit or a Frenchman, or maybe some apparatchik in Brussels. He doesn’t know and doesn’t care. He has no plan, he doesn’t know what the mission is or what the end game is. Barack Obama is the most incompetent, least qualified person to ever hold the office of president of the United States. This is precisely what you get when you elect a Marxist community organizer. One does not expect competence from someone who has never so much as managed a lemonade stand.



How quiet is the world when no one listens

The whispers in the dark are scarcely heard

How silently the footsteps walk the narrows

How eager do we listen for a word

The president and sec of state not speaking

Not to each other or the world at large

The ship of state drifts slowly toward the rapids

With only grinning fools aboard in charge

One wonders if there’s policy behind it

One wonders if there’s malice in that smile

One wonders if his plan is our destruction

And actions on his part are full of guile

The world will have to pull itself together

Our allies must prepare for worse to come

If O by chance is somehow reelected

It’s bad for all but worse by far for some


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