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And Down The Stretch They Come

The rapidly approaching European debt crisis is like a horse race. Will Merkelbaby make it to the wire first and save the day? Or will Greek Default lead the entire field over the rail and into the infield pond. I can hear the track announcer now. “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! What a beautiful day for the races. Today’s feature race is the 100 trillion Euro stakes race, the European Crisis Derby. The favorite at 1 to 5 is Greekdefault, ridden by a committee from Brussels, and carrying twelve hundred and forty-two pounds, the distance, around the world at least once. And now the horses are at the gate, and THEY’RE OFF!



“Merkelbaby stumbles at the gate

Sarkozylad takes early lead

With Referendum close behind

Then Pensioner, a handsome steed

It’s Layabout now, closing fast

With Greekcafe now on the rail

Then Merkelbaby saving ground

Then ten lengths back it’s Neverfail

Around the first turn Spanishfly

And Romannights are neck and neck

With Greekdefault far in the rear

Furlongs to go, so what the heck

And down the backstretch Greekcafe

And Layabout are running hard

Now changing leads Sarkozylad

Is passed by Verse-afirebard


It’s Merkelbaby running wide

With Greekdefault now on the rail

And coming fast, oh what a ride!

A photo finish at the wire

It’s Merkelbaby by a nose

With Greekdefault a beaten Place

The Euro saved at market close!”


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Writing On The Wall

The people of Greece continue to torch cars and shops, stone police and demand an end to the IMF bailout that requires them to give up some of the bloated pensions and holidays a benevolent socialist government has bestowed on them using borrowed money they had no intention of paying back. It has all come to a head, the debt crisis is upon Greece and all of Europe, and by extension the United States, and if Greece collapses economically it will drag down Germany and France and then the rest of Europe. None of this matters to the rioters. They want their pensions and vacations and don’t care that those are not flowers on the wall, but darkening shadows and grim writing.



Yes there’s shadows on the wall

It don’t bother me at all

I will sing and dance till dawn

For tomorrow I’ll be gone

Sipping wine and cutting roses for the table feast

Yes the sun will rise tomorrow though not in the East

Yes there’s writing on the wall

It don’t bother me at all

If it crashes let it burn

It’s all right, I’ve had my turn

Let the people who come after clean the stinking mess

I will dance and sing and sip my wine for I confess

I know there’s shadows on the wall

And it don’t bother me at all

I see the writing on the wall

And it don’t bother me at all