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Puissant Pissants

The Progressive Leftist Obama Administration raided Gibson guitars a couple of weeks ago, claiming they were using illegal wood in their guitars, even though they did not raid Martin or any of the other guitar makers who use the very same wood from the very same suppliers. Could it be the raid by the Holder Injustice Department was motivated by the fact that the president of Gibson guitars is a contributor to the Republicans while the other un-raided guitar makers were, to a company, contributors to the Democrats? No, our Progressive Elite Rulers would never do such a thing, would they? Would they drive Boeing out of business just because Boeing wanted to build a 787 assembly plant in a non-union State? Well yes, that is exactly what they are trying to do. We insist on calling our progressive rulers elites, as if they are somehow chosen by God to rule. They have acquired power, yes, but they are not elite in any real sense of the word. They are pissants, and a puissant with power is therefore a puissant pissant.



You make guitars?

The big cigars

Are at all times reliant

Upon the law

Whose very paw

Will press the non-compliant

The rules you see

For such as we

Resemble a great snake dance

While left elites

Suck on the teats

Of other puissant pissants


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