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Fidel And Che

The Cubans have just arrested an American Jewish guy for giving computers with Internet access to Jews living in Cuba. I’m sure he’ll be released eventually, after the US pays a ransom of some sort. Obama is reportedly furious at the Cubans. Well, not really. He says he’ll send the Secretary of State to see what can be done, if the scheduling can be worked out, and if the creek don’t rise. The American Left of course is on Fidel’s side in this as in all other things, just as the American Left was and is on the side of Che Guevara, a communist butcher. One wonders why the Left so loves and admires the butchers and mass murderers of this world. Could it be they see themselves as happy and dedicated butchers and mass murderers in a holy cause if they only had the chance?



So here’s the news

Again the Jews

Just stirring up some trouble

The Internet?

We’ll make him sweat

And USA pays double

The Sec of State

Just cannot wait

Her hubby loves Havanas

She loves Fidel

And Che as well

And yes she has no bananas


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