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Jambalay And A Crawfish Pie

Ex-president Manuel Zelaya vows to return to power in Honduras, a power he intends to keep, following in the footsteps of his Venezuelan pal Hugo Chavez. The president of the United States has sided with the Honduran left wing fascist who had designs on being president for life and against the people in Honduras who prefer democracy. As the great Hank Williams explained it,


ManZelaya, a craw fish pie and a fillet gumbo

‘Cause tonight I’m gonna see my maChavez mio

When Obama, keep things calm-a, we’ll be gay-o

Son of a gun, we’ll make them run, and obey-o


Of course, Hank never dreamed an American president would side with the likes of Hugo Chavez, and demand a would-be dictator be returned to office, which is why his songs were mostly about being lonely. President Obama is never lonely. He has friends in high places, and the only problem for us is that those high placed friends of Obama’s are no friends of the United States.


When looking at Obama’s friends

We see a where this is going

We now see clearly that these trends

Show where the wind is blowing

Bowing to a Muslim king

Who really doesn’t like us

Who really never does a thing

To catch the guys who strike us

And then there’s Putin who we’re told

Is now best friends with Bama

Who’ll usher us in from the cold

And act as Bambi’s mama

The North Koreans act is mad

The Chinese act is sly-o

But Obie says it’s not as bad

As day old crawfish pie-o