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Miranda Rights

We’re all getting a little bloody minded, and with reason. Muslim terrorists continue to kill people every day, whether a young US soldier at a recruiting station in the United States or staging a slaughter in Mumbai, India, and have just blown up a hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan, killing many innocent civilians. We hear now that the Obama administration has decided to read captured terrorist killers their Miranda rights, telling them they have a right to remain silent and that we will provide them a lawyer if they cannot afford one. Of course, Mr. Holder’s Justice Department is deeply concerned with the rights of terrorist killers. You may recall it was not so many years ago that Mr. Holder released many Puerto Rican terrorists in order to gain votes for Hillary Clinton’s run for the Senate from New York, so Mr. Holder’s views on terrorism are well known. Still, there is a way to get the job done properly while still reading the killers their Miranda rights. These terrorists are not afraid of death, they willingly and happily blow themselves up, believing they will be instantly in Paradise with 72 beautiful virgins, but there is one thing that terrifies them, and that is to be buried wrapped in a pig skin, for that would send them straight to hell. I propose, therefore, that we read them not their Miranda rights, but their Oscar Mayer rights. Wrap them in bacon, shoot them, and then read them their Miranda rights.



The Justice Department is quakin’

In fear that our soldiers be takin’

It into their head

To fill them with lead

Before their Mirandas be makin’


I like the idea of bacon

The thought has the jihadists shakin’

Let’s not wait till they’re dead

Grab the bastards instead

Shove the stuff up their ass while they’re wakin’


While a plea for his life he is makin’

Just grin with a little head shakin’

Then a shot to his head

Put the bastard to bed

And another in case he is fakin’


Mr. Holder says steps will be takin’

To prevent such a vile undertakin’

But our guys know that they

Are the ones who will pay

For the folly that Justice is makin’