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The Religion Of Peace

The Imam Raul, Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama and others of like mind insist the Religion of Peace be permitted to build a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, celebrating the murders of over three thousand innocent civilians. But who are these adherents of the Religion of Peace? What kind of people are they?



They slink through the sewers in murderous rage

They kill before cameras to use the world stage

They read the Koran and believe every page

That demands that the infidel die

They slit old men’s throats just because they are Jews

They stable their horses where once there were pews

They know that the West their foul deeds will excuse

They kill in a blink of an eye

The symbols of Islam stand bright in the sun

A mosque at Ground Zero tells the world that they’ve won

But one day we’ll wake up and then they’ll be done

And Mecca in ruins will lie



On Hollowed Ground

Iman Rauf has said Ground Zero is not hallowed ground, all in keeping with the claim of the Imam and the New York Times and Barack Obama that the building of a Victory Mosque dedicated to the bravery of Mohammad Atta and his equally brave muslim colleagues who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center buildings and killed three thousand Americans is an essential ingredient in the American policy of freedom of religion. Their view is that the building of a mosque any place and for any reason is protected by the Constitution. It matters not to them that building a mosque at ground zero will be hailed in the muslim world as a great victory over the Great Satan; indeed, to Obama and the Democrats and the New York Times, victory over the Great Satan is a condition greatly to be desired. But what of reciprocity? Can a Christian church be built anywhere in any muslim country? Can carrying a Bible land you in jail in Saudi Arabia? Why is it my hallowed ground is fair game, but your hallowed ground is off limits?



Why is it that my hallowed ground

Is yours to give or spread around

But only to your confrerees

Who do to others as they please

And since The Other swings from trees

And uses words like dem and dese

That gives you license to berate

And sneer at our benighted state

One day an Imam sought to build

A mosque on land gullied and hilled

Beneath the land were limestone caves

Above a sign said Jesus Saves

He built his mosque but sadly found

You should not build on hollowed ground