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Enter The Dragon

The International Monetary Fund says that in just a few years the Chinese economy will be greater than the economy of the United States. Yeah, right, but that’s only if Obama is re-elected, for given four more years to destroy the country he just might be able to do it. Once the far lefties now inhabiting the White House are gone on 20 January 2013,, and replaced with patriotic grown-ups, things will start humming again.



Our economy is draggin’

Overtaken by the dragon

That was sleeping when old Marco Polo came

For five hundred years they struggled

Cold and hungry as they juggled

Flood and famine that would always win the game

Then United Stated decided

Far too long that we have bided

Both our time and money wasted on our own

So we went ahead with Nafta

And so now it seems we hafta

Import all we use ‘cause nothing’s US grown

But the IMF is wrong ‘cause

This is just another long pause

And the US will rebound to rightful place

You recall in nineteen eighties

All the savvy media fraidies

Said the world would have a smiling Japanese face


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