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Paul Revere’s Ride

Facebook, Twitter and the Internet are the means whereby the revolution in Egypt is being organized and led, and as a result the Egyptian government has shut it all down. One wonders how Paul Revere would have handled it had the Internet been available in 1775 and the British had shut down all Internet Service Providers.



On the 18th of April in ‘75

The Old North Church was dark as jet

For Paul Revere was safe at home

Tied in to the Internet

Brits move, he wrote in briefest text

Enough to warn the patriot band

Job done he thought of what was next

Of Blackberry’s in every hand

Spreading the word with speed of light

To every Middlesex village and farm

Arousing free men to the fight

Armed men intent on doing harm

Alas the Brits had closed it down

No IPS was running now

As Paul, shut up in Boston town

Raced for his horse, he’d show them how

A Yankee Doodling texting man

Could use his wits when all went wrong

He rode through village, farm and woods

To spread alarm the whole night long

At Lexington the soldiers met

An armed militia, muskets slung

Told to disperse the rabble held

A look, a shout, an insult flung

To Concord then the soldiers marched

To find on leaving that men lie

In woods along the winding road

Who shot them down as they marched by

The Internet quickly restored

Text messages flared forth of course

At speed of light but all men knew

There’s nothing faster than a horse


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