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GoodbyeTo All That

Obama has made a secret deal with Iran, throwing the Israelis out into the snow to fend for themselves. In view of Iran’s oft stated intention to nuke Tel Aviv and destroy the state of Israel as soon as they have nuclear weapons, it is inconceivable that Israel will stand idly by and allow Iran and Obama to kill them all. Israel will strike first and with nuclear weapons, and what happens next is open to conjecture. We live in pre-war times, and, as in previous pre-war times, our leaders vainly seek peace by accommodation and surrender. But accommodation and surrender does not bring peace, it brings war. And the coming nuclear war in the Middle East may not be contained to the region of the Middle East, any more than the attack on Poland in 1939 could be contained to the Baltic or the incident at the Marco Polo bridge contained to China. And if it is not contained, the world may suffer such damage as to revert to the pre-industrial age, and the long climb back may not be so easily accomplished.

And so we sadly say goodbye
And young men once again must march
Beneath the missile streaked blue sky
Parabolas a perfect arch
The flashes of a million suns
Light scenes of darkness and despair
The way of war now not with guns
But unleashed hydrogen stripped bare
In 1914 it began
The march to death of all that was
The power wrought by modern man
Will be the last he ever does
As back the way the species came
Reduced to poverty and strife
And all because we thought the game
Had naught to do with death and life