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Fly Me To The Moon

On Wednesday Iran conducted a missile test. The Sejil-2, an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile with the range to reach Israel, launched successfully and landed in the northern Iranian desert without incident. The thing about the Sejil-2, apart from being the missile Ahmadinejad intends to use to destroy Israel once he has his bomb, is that it is powered by a solid fuel rocket motor that most experts believe came from Pakistan. The great Persian Empire of Ahmadinejad’s dreams is incapable of inventing or building anything on its own, and even rocket motors need to be imported from, of all places, Pakistan. I believe Ahmadinejad is aware of this, and laments the fact that if he is to fly to the moon, it will be as a paying passenger on someone else’s ship.



Fly me to the moon

Let me play among the stars

All I need’s a rocket ship

To get me up to Mars

If only I could make the things

Right here at home but no

I’ve got to go to Pakistan

That’s where I’ve got to go

A rocket motor’s just beyond

Our skill set now alas

And so our missiles poop along

And just run out of gas

It’s sad to think us Persians can’t

Do things the Pakis can

Of course we also cannot make

A truck or a sedan

And come to think of it we’re not

Too hot at trains and planes

Though pumping oil we’re just as good

As Eskimos and Danes

We threaten people, stamp our feet

Make statements bold and brave

But getting missiles in the air

We can’t our ass to save

Israelis laugh and point and joke

And sometimes even smirk

But they’ll stop laughing if we can

Just get the thing to work