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Bloomberg News reports that the Obama administration will proceed with its plan to engage Iran and deal with re-elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The problem is, the mullahs and Ahmadinejad want to be engaged with the United States only so far as it serves their purpose of delaying as long as possible any action on the part of the US regarding their nuclear program. Once Iran has the bomb, of course, there will be no further need to pretend they welcome engagement with us or anyone else, except to formulate the terms of our surrender. If we’re going to get engaged to the lady, make sure it’s not a one way street, with us going the wrong way. My advice to President Obama is this:



To be engaged you need a ring

To put upon her finger

But just be sure she’s had her fling

And now she wants to linger

With you and only you my lad

And not with Mr. Putin

Or what is worse or just as bad

With someone high-falutin’

Like China’s big-time rulers now

Who seem to be so deft

And think it’s time we took a bow

And exited stage left

And just be sure she’s not a flirt

Just stringing you along

Before she throws you in the dirt

And sings a goodbye song

I see no good from this affair

No matter that she’s charming

I say to you just have a care

Some belles are quite alarming



Under The Bus

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been re-elected in a landslide, apparently pleasing President Obama, who claimed the vibrancy of the Iranian election battle was due to his speech in Cairo some days ago, and who now, no doubt, sees Ahmadinejad’s re-election as affirmation of his Middle East policy, a policy that seems strangely Muslim oriented. Ahmadinejad is determined that Israel cease to exist, and President Obama, in spite of Iranian threats to annihilate Israel, pressures Israel to surrender to the Iranian puppets Hamas and Hizbollah in the form of abandoning defensive settlements. The policies of the Obama administration and the re-election of Ahmadinejad leaves the Israelis no choice but to look out for themselves. The clock is ticking. Will Israel wait for Iran to get its nukes? Will Obama try to stop Iran from getting nukes and destroying Israel? Will Obama throw Israel under the bus? We shall have the answer before the summer is out.



Israelis live in daily fear

Of Gaza driven rockets

While Hamas sees the time is near

To put into their pockets

The Jewish State that stands between

The Muslims and their dream state

A world in which no Jew is seen

A world in which the Jew fate

Is death to every Jew on Earth

Regardless of resistance

By Muslims driven mad from birth

By Jewish mere existence

The Muslims see the end game come

They see its firm construction

And make the ME wires hum

With threats for the destruction

Of people who are not afraid

Of forces ‘rayed against them

They know the price that must be paid

They know how to defense them

But now they see their mentor friend

US give them a screwing

Obama sees that Israel’s end

Is something he wants doing

It’s all ‘bout oil as some would say

And surely some things puzzle him

But I think this is Obie’s way

Of being a good muzzle im



Fly Me To The Moon

On Wednesday Iran conducted a missile test. The Sejil-2, an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile with the range to reach Israel, launched successfully and landed in the northern Iranian desert without incident. The thing about the Sejil-2, apart from being the missile Ahmadinejad intends to use to destroy Israel once he has his bomb, is that it is powered by a solid fuel rocket motor that most experts believe came from Pakistan. The great Persian Empire of Ahmadinejad’s dreams is incapable of inventing or building anything on its own, and even rocket motors need to be imported from, of all places, Pakistan. I believe Ahmadinejad is aware of this, and laments the fact that if he is to fly to the moon, it will be as a paying passenger on someone else’s ship.



Fly me to the moon

Let me play among the stars

All I need’s a rocket ship

To get me up to Mars

If only I could make the things

Right here at home but no

I’ve got to go to Pakistan

That’s where I’ve got to go

A rocket motor’s just beyond

Our skill set now alas

And so our missiles poop along

And just run out of gas

It’s sad to think us Persians can’t

Do things the Pakis can

Of course we also cannot make

A truck or a sedan

And come to think of it we’re not

Too hot at trains and planes

Though pumping oil we’re just as good

As Eskimos and Danes

We threaten people, stamp our feet

Make statements bold and brave

But getting missiles in the air

We can’t our ass to save

Israelis laugh and point and joke

And sometimes even smirk

But they’ll stop laughing if we can

Just get the thing to work