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Turkey On Toast

Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, has caused the resignation of most high ranking members of the Turkish military by efforts by his government to prosecute certain members of the military for subversion, all in an effort to re-create the secular Turkish military into an Islamic military. Will purges and show trials on the Soviet model be far behind? I believe it was Molotov who once said the purges were simply a means of disposing of a bad sandwich.



When Uncle Joe just felt the urge

He wrote down names that he would purge

And sobbing generals heard their fate

And trembling heard the time and date

And so it is with Erdogan

Who says the generals erred again

By talking softly of a coup

Some time ago, around 02

It seems some things just never change

The sandwich falls within the range

Of killing all or killing most

With Turkey sandwich now on toast


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