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A Tin-roofed Bar

In Santos City, the Philippines, a series of killings in open air tin-roofed karaoke bars has been attributed to growing rage over the too frequent singing of the old Frank Sinatra song My Way. Much too often a patron who has consumed too much Red Horse beer will stagger to the microphone, belch a few times, get out a few quavering bars of My Way, and POW! Shots, lights out, screams, and one fewer singer of My Way. It is to wonder.



In a tin-roofed bar in General San

As the midnight hour drew near

At the end of the bar sat a bow-tied man

Drinking a Red Horse beer

He tilted the felt hat to the side

Then strode to the microphones

The room grew hushed and women sighed

Then sighing turned to groans

As the first faint notes came to the ears

Of assembled dames and men

Fierce cries of rage well fueled by beers

Erupted “Not again!”

The crooner paid no slightest heed

He bade the music play

A single shot that made him bleed

But still he sang his way

Another shot that killed him dead

They watched him as he sank

Onto the floor where someone said

My God, you’ve shot poor Frank!