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Juan Williams was fired from National Public Radio for blasphemy. He said something that was anathema to the Left. He said he got nervous when he boarded a plane and saw men dressed in muslim garb. You remember Larry Summers, president of Harvard, who was summarily dismissed from his job for the blasphemy of saying he thought there might be something to the idea that men are better at math than women. If you want to remain a member of the Left, there are some things you just can’t say, or just can’t think. And the sin of blasphemy will be visited upon those of us not of the Left, should the Left get their way.



Do I get nervous at times when

The aisle is filled with bearded men

Who take the cockpit on the run

Armed with a knife, a spear, a gun?

Of course I don’t for that would be

Just one more form of blasphemy

I cannot say why women faint

When someone says he thinks they ain’t

As good at math as some men are

Or throw a baseball quite as far

We know each mother’s blessed son

No matter what he’s said or done

Will one day cross the hate speech line

Be forced to pay a hefty fine

And told that should this warning fail

He’ll contemplate his sins  in jail