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We’re All Nazis Now

Anders Breivik killed almost a hundred Norwegian members of the left wing nomenclatura, and the Left naturally blames his act on conservative writers who egged him on, some leftists going so far as to call conservative writers Nazis. The Left’s favorite word. Anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi. Anyone who commits any act they disapprove of is, by definition, a Nazi. So I guess we are all Nazis now, at least those of us who prefer freedom to socialism. The only question is, do we march to the Horst Wessel Lied or Lili Marlene? I prefer Lili.



Vor der Kaserne

Vor dem grossen Tor

Stands there a Lefty

Who knows what he is for

He knows that free speech

Is not for us

So make no fuss

Do not discuss

The pestilence they’re making

For you, Lili Marlene

Yet by the barrack

Gathered at the gate

Stand there the free men

Patiently we wait

We wait for the call

To strike the blow

To strike the foe

To strike him low

And give you back your freedom

Wie einst, Lili Marlene


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