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We’re All Nazis Now

Anders Breivik killed almost a hundred Norwegian members of the left wing nomenclatura, and the Left naturally blames his act on conservative writers who egged him on, some leftists going so far as to call conservative writers Nazis. The Left’s favorite word. Anyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi. Anyone who commits any act they disapprove of is, by definition, a Nazi. So I guess we are all Nazis now, at least those of us who prefer freedom to socialism. The only question is, do we march to the Horst Wessel Lied or Lili Marlene? I prefer Lili.



Vor der Kaserne

Vor dem grossen Tor

Stands there a Lefty

Who knows what he is for

He knows that free speech

Is not for us

So make no fuss

Do not discuss

The pestilence they’re making

For you, Lili Marlene

Yet by the barrack

Gathered at the gate

Stand there the free men

Patiently we wait

We wait for the call

To strike the blow

To strike the foe

To strike him low

And give you back your freedom

Wie einst, Lili Marlene


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Get Out Of Our Hair

The Obama administration cannot help itself, it cannot keep its hands off our lives. They tell us what to feed our kids, they tell us carbon, the very building block of life on earth is deadly harmful and we should stop exhaling CO2, they pat down buxom women and old men at airports while letting bearded young Arab males pass through screening without hindrance, they punish those who disagree. But that is the modus operandi of the Left. They are our betters and they will tell us what to do and what to think and insist we thank them for looking after us, for they know better than us because they are the Left, and if you are of the Left, then by definition you are better than those who are not of the Left.  



Some things we know are proper

Some necessary, too

Some things are both, but this we know

Sometimes it isn’t true

The government, says Holder

Is here to help us all

But helper or as scolder?

I’ll let you make the call

The Left would dip their fingers

Into our very souls

And tell us what our kids can put

Into their breakfast bowls

They warn us not to breathe and fill

The air with CO2

They know what’s good for us and shove it

Up the old kazoo

They say they do it for our good

They say it’s being fair

I say just leave us all alone

And get out of our hair


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The Left always eats its young. Mao killed off the Red Guards when they were no longer useful to him and he perceived them to be a potential danger. The current European Left is using the young anarchists in Britain, Greece, Spain and elsewhere to cause panic and disruption with bombings, for the Left cannot accept the fact that the Leftist nostrums have failed, as they have always failed, and that more discipline is necessary to protect and advance the dream of Socialism with a capital S. At some point European Leftist governments will realize that intimidation has not worked, or that it has worked and succeeded in keeping them in power. Either way, the young anarchists, the bomb throwers, will no longer be useful, and they will be given up. But at least, in civilized Europe, they will not be shot. At least they won’t be shot if the intimidation fails; if it succeeds in keeping the Left in power, and in increasing that power, then the young anarchists will have done their job, and will be considered dangerous to the powers they put in place, and if that power is authoritarian, as with Hitler or Mussolini or any number of other Leftist despots, in that case they will be shot.



Thus Moloch spake, with tear-dimmed eyes

My children, sing your fond goodbyes

For come to you this last surprise

Your work is truly done

I cannot speak without a tear

For long have I held you quite near

But now it is goodbye, I fear

We thank you, every one

Your deaths will show your pride and grace

And knowing that in history’s place

The walls of time will hold your face

And now, here is the gun

Goodbye dear friends, I love you so

It pains me that it’s time to go

A greater good has laid you low

Farewell, and it’s been fun


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The State Is Me!

There is an arrogance of power in Washington, an arrogance not limited to the current occupant of the White House. Arrogance of the congressional leadership, who ram through legislation over the loud objections of the electorate, arrogance of the media who believe it is their right and duty to tell us what they want us to know and not tell us what they don’t want us to know, and the arrogance of the current president who asserts he knows best what is good for us and will damn well give it to us. This is the way of the Left, from Robespierre to Stalin, from Pol Pot to Mao Tse Tung, a communist murderer who killed upwards of sixty million of his own citizens to further his power, and whose portrait adorned the White House Christmas tree not so many months ago. To the Left, there is no such thing as Country, there is only the Left.   



The Left asserts, “The state is me!”

All else disqualified

The rest of us just pay the tolls

Along just for the ride

They cannot see where they are wrong

Cannot misstate or err

The country heading for the cliff?

Then onward we must spur

We’ve seen how quickly many times

Lese majeste befalls

The arrogant as men rebel,

Less majesty their calls