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A Four Letter Man

A few nights ago David Letterman admitted, on air, to having sex with female staffers, after receiving an extortion note from a CBS executive demanding 2 million dollars or he would tell the whole sordid story to a breathlessly awaiting world. Dave played the whole thing for laughs and it wasn’t until he fully explained what was going on that the audience realized it wasn’t a skit. At which point they laughed and applauded. The extortionist has been arrested and pleaded not guilty to having sex with Dave’s staffers.



Admitting to sex with his staffers

Our Davey says it was just laughers

Because I’m the boss

It’s me or job loss

And if not me than one of the gaffers


When story broke Dave took confessing

To new heights when he said that messing

With dames in employ

Made him naughty boy

And asked for the audience blessing


The people did cheer and applaud

Dave’s actions they clearly did laud

Now here’s my belief

It was all in relief

That Dave slept with Claudine not Claude