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Where Are The Men?

In London two Muslim young men yelling “Allahu Akbar!” butchered a young British soldier with meat cleavers, beheading him on a busy London street in full view of onlookers, not one of whom tried to stop the butchery. Yes they called the police, but the police, being unarmed, called for armed backup, and everyone waited twenty minutes for armed police to arrive, the Muslim murderers waiting as well, demanding the spectators take their pictures with the victim. The men who watched the murder take place made no attempt to stop it, and there was a time they would have. But that time has gone. The Left, the National Organization for Women, Political Correctness and the Entertainment Media have together succeeded in unmanning us, and we are left with

Whores and pimps and nancy wimps
The whispery shy and standersby
Momma’s boys and big girl’s toys
Gun free zones and jello bones
Pretty guys with whimpered sighs
The movie Queens in tight fit jeans
Are not the men to count on when
The going’s rough, that’s when the tough
Once came along to fix what’s wrong
Men once were braves but now are slaves
We shed a tear, real men aren’t here